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14.latest AI based home security 10 Most Innovative Leaders In Artificial Intelligence industry 2022

Home security is on the rise. Most of us have smart doors, alarms, and locks – but AI, along with the cloud, is set to change the way these devices work. And much of it depends on the size of the camera. These days, we expect this technology to appear on our devices, but the cameras offer much more than just fun photography in a safe environment – especially if cloud and AI connectivity support its capabilities. We are about to enter a new era of home security, and SpotCam wants to be in the middle of this.

A smart connected home is a next step in the growth of our homes and the way we interact with them. Various systems in our homes are evolving as AI technology evolves, just as light has evolved from candles to gas to electricity. A smart home is growing fast. While all of these new home-based technologies may seem daunting and challenging at first, the introduction of the intricacies of intelligent design and voice control has made them much easier to embrace. Here is a list of the top 10 most powerful AI home technologies for 2022.

AI is like face recognition, but future home security systems will look beyond our faces to provide protection. Indeed, it will not be long before facial recognition is a common feature, not the given brightness it once was. Instead, technology companies are taking two key steps in their introduction of home security.

The first is the expansion of existing home security agreements. Imagine the rise of NFC keys connected to our phones and smart hands-free keys. These are examples of traditional home security products with a technological revolution, the kind we have all considered at some point in the wild when our keys are lost.

The second approach involves technological novels that re-establish domestic security by removing human limitations. Night vision enabled cameras enabled by AI and home surveillance drones will give users an unprecedented view of their homes, working beyond human natural abilities.

Although both approaches are different, they cannot exist without one. The former improves our current technology, and the latter becomes possible only when more traditional methods gain prominence.

The future of the Home Security System with AI security cameras:

  1. Recording with very high resolution
  2. Infrared Night Vision Technology
  3. Motion Monitoring System
  4. Live recording and processing
  5. Multiple Device Access
  6. Great Memory Storage
  7. Two Connections
  8. Face Recognition System
  9. Hot People Scans

 Top AI-Powered Smart Home Technologies

  1. Arlo Video Doorbell

The smart home device is Arlo Video Doorbell. The smart doorbell sees guests and activities at your door using the camera, speaker, microphone, motion sensor, and internet connection. You can then watch and hear live video on your smartphone and talk to anyone present, or you can let the camera record the message. It’s like a voicemail for your front door. Arlo Video Doorbell is a great choice as it offers many advanced capabilities.

  • Smart Safety Kit

One of the smartest home devices is the Adobe Smart Security Kit. Abode is a reliable DIY home security system with unlimited smart home features. It can be used with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit, and can be used as a hub for Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, which are a few automated home automation protocols that greatly enhance gadget types.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Continuously Analyzing Potential Home Security Problems

The growing need to improve home security has fueled the implementation of powerful AI devices. These devices incorporate a variety of features, including threat analysis, face recognition, and smart home integration, which also protect homeowners from security threats.

AI devices can easily detect objects or faces due to pattern / facial recognition features. Facial recognition can easily assess facial features, such as cheekbones, eyes, chin, etc., and compare them with available data. Additionally, these devices can send alerts to the homeowner’s smartphone about guests at the front door. Many highly developed home security cameras can detect the faces of family members, friends, and pets.

Artificial intelligence can also help next-generation home security systems to actively monitor and analyze potential security threats. These systems are activated by artificial intelligence logic, which has helped to build an integrated suite of security measures to protect the house. It is expected that smart AI-enabled cameras will play a key role in home security. With the help of smart connected apps, a person can have a clear view of their home to be protected from security threats.

AI is also used in smart locks, which can be controlled by smartphones. AI-enabled smart keys offer many security benefits, such as limited reliance on portable keys for access, temporary guest access, and regular video streaming of people ringing the doorbell. Biometric door locks such as Kwikset, August, and Samsung can be integrated with Google, Samsung, and Amazon’s smart home ecosystem.


The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is promising in a variety of fields with the potential to automate systems and make things smarter. In the security system, AI security cameras will play an amazing role in the previous security and home security monitoring system.

AI is now being used in the home security system with AI cameras and video surveillance. And thanks to AI technology, cameras are now equipped with advanced features to provide a wide range of surroundings with a clearer picture of a variety of objects.

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