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1. Sudhakar R Rao, Chairman _ Prabhakar R. Rao, Managing Director- Legacy Investment Managers- The 10 Most Promising Finance Companies In India 2022

Maximize Profitability by Minimizing Risks: Legacy Investment Managers

Growing a business is a difficult task. Any entrepreneur, however, must be aware that the benefits far outweigh the risks. When it comes to riches, overcoming those obstacles takes time, patience, and advice. Every company on its way to success will face turbulence at some point. Getting your money in order is a frequent growing pain. If a company is looking to expand, the books must be balanced, and the company must be aware of its financial restrictions. Within each business’s expenditures and profits, there should be a healthy balance. If the expenditures of running a business outweigh the earnings, it’s time to hire a professional. Experts can estimate all possible outcomes around the long-term average return generated via an investment by examining historical patterns of portfolios. These experts offer a plethora of strategies and plans that allow affluent businesses and individuals to achieve all possible financial goals systematically through a continuous investment-advisory process that encompasses financial planning, investment portfolio management, and several aggregated financial services.

Legacy Investment Managers, based in Mumbai, is in the business of transforming risks and opportunities, within a complex and dynamic environment, into outcomes that represent the most fundamental human urge for leaving a legacy and prospering. Legacy envisions itself as a full-service boutique organisation that provides comprehensive, end-to-end financial solutions. The firm provides a wide range of services, from asset segmentation to asset allocation and liquidity management, and it takes professional responsibility for developing strategic and operational strategies for its clients. It provides family office, investment portfolio management, real estate management, bookkeeping, and tax accounting services, among other things. “What sets us apart is the extra effort we put in to spot possibilities and anticipate trends. We do not limit ourselves to tactics that we are familiar with; rather, we investigate and evaluate a growing number of investment vehicles and management techniques “Shagun Khosla, CEO/Director, enlightens us.

Legacy’s knowledgeable staff thoroughly examines all of their product and service concepts to assure best-in-class analysis before recommending them to clients. “We have a team that directly connects with all fund managers, and we only shortlist our product offers after thorough study and due investigation. Due to our label agnostic approach as an independent advisor, our customers may anticipate unbiased advice and customised investment solutions “Shagun adds.

The Beginning

Mr. Sudhakar R Rao and Mr. Prabhakar Ragavendra, two of the most reputable names in the business sector, formed the basis for Legacy Investment Managers. They have written the success stories of the Sievert Group of Companies and the Gemini Group together. As the organization’s mentors and promoters, they provide a wealth of knowledge from their 30 years of leadership experience in the Oil & Gas & Energy sectors across the Middle East and India, as well as Real Estate Development in the Middle East. The firm’s guiding principles include strong corporate values and an unyielding sense of ethics, which is reflected in the way the team operates.

Sudhakar says, “In order to shed light on the founding tale, “Prabhakar and I have a long history of working together, dating back to the early days of Sievert and even before that. We noticed there was a growing demand for a hands-on, family-centric approach to wealth management services across all asset classes, as well as reputable knowledge. The goal of orienting our services towards the construction of a multigenerational, truly secure, and solid financial performance has inspired us at Legacy Investment Managers. We use innovative and holistic ways to rationalise broad-ranging holdings by decreasing liabilities, optimising profits, and securing immovable assets.”

As a young corporation, team Legacy’s mission is to support businesses by making them proactive and assisting them in thinking clearly and making useful decisions. To ensure that no stone is left unturned, the organisation draws on a wide spectrum of experience from both within and outside the company. “To guarantee that every choice is well-informed and trend-sensitive, we draw on a really varied and comprehensive range of skill sets.” Our 360-degree, holistic approach and desire to connect with the business, I believe, will not only help us evolve but also set a standard for the industry,’ Shagun says.

The Foundational Values

One of the main focuses of Legacy’s wealth management team is the rationalisation of all connected wealth management activities, from asset allocation and asset register maintenance to tax planning, liquidity management, real estate advisory, and offshore asset management. Furthermore, it establishes a dynamic and value-added partnership with outside specialists and industry heavyweights. The focus is on connecting with clients and incorporating their continuing contributions. “Our commitment as enablers of coherent and efficient processes is at the heart of our efforts,” he says, “but we rely largely on the input of every individual in the organisation to operate in concert.”

The organisation is built on a strong client-first philosophy that is instilled in each and every employee. All of the staff work together to establish meaningful, trustworthy, and long-term connections with all stakeholders. Legacy Wealth has grown to four sites around the country with roughly 40 staff in a year, indicating its resolve to maintain a long-term perspective that reflects real human needs rather than fundamental bottom-line concerns. “We are one of India’s newest and fastest-growing businesses. We’re organising an offsite excursion for all of our employees to commemorate the occasion “he continues.

The Road to Excellence

So far, Legacy Wealth’s journey has been marked by quick growth and the ability to hit the ground running. The company has come a long way since its inception, despite the evident initial obstacles. “There are no short cuts to establishing a reputation in the field of wealth management. Clients are understandably cautious in their approach. We’ve worked hard to set ourselves apart by offering a wide range of services of high quality. We are convinced that our profile will reflect that reality when initial results become visible to the rest of the industry “Shagun expresses himself. With its headquarters in Mumbai and offices in Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Chennai, the organisation has on boarded over 100 notable Indian families.

In a larger sense, Legacy Wealth intends to balance high standards in both antecedent and future readiness in the next years. The team has set a goal of $1 billion and has created a roadmap to get there. “We want to be in the Top 10 Wealth Management firms, and we are confident that, as a fast-growing firm, we will be able to achieve our goal soon. Our extended partner network is an excellent resource that gives us access to in-depth knowledge and awareness of possible future developments, and we are constantly extending such relationships as well as developing in-house expertise,” Shagun adds.

 Sudhakar Rao, Chairman

“At Legacy Wealth Management, we consider ourselves as being in the business of balancing complex market dynamics with human objectives. Our entire strategy is focused on helping people live better, more happy lives while also assuring a lasting legacy and multi-generational prosperity. “We would encourage our prospective clients and partners to experience the benefits of the team we’ve assembled and to join us on our journey of delivering best-in-class services, across every asset class and desired outcome, while creating unprecedented value addition, which can only be achieved by a boutique firm like us,” he concludes.

Key Management

Sudhakar Rao, Chairman

An Indian billionaire, innovative businessman, and popular public figure. He is the Gemini Group’s Founder and Managing Director. Following the phenomenal success of his initial firm, he embarked on a new path of consistently cultivating new ventures, and he is now regarded as a business icon. He instils trust and faith in all of our business partners and stakeholders. “Prabhakar and I have a long history of working together, dating back to when we first started Sievert and even before that. We believe in empowering people at all levels of the business and allowing them to make their own decisions. We regard our job as both a facilitator and an advisor in this process. The goal is to pool everyone’s experience and expertise while ensuring that our efforts are all directed in the same direction.”

This Indian billionaire and business entrepreneur is defined by his enormous desire, positive attitude, and keen vision. Mr. Prabhakar Ragavendra has dedicated his business brain to firms in India and the Middle East for over three decades, and has steered them to new heights of success. “To me, leadership entails having a clear vision and acting with a sincere dedication to the purpose.” It’s that simple, but maintaining consistency is the difficult part. I believe that people are influenced by what they see, and that the best way to influence future leaders is to act now. When a leader has a true vision and conviction, his or her behaviours become consistent, and he or she is able to make clear decisions over and over again. Such examples, in the end, are what show future leaders how to carry a vision forward.”

 Shagun Khosla, CEO/Director

Legacy Global Asset’s Founder CEO/Director has over 15 years of experience in private wealth management. He focuses on domestic wealth practises in a variety of business verticals and geographies for Legacy. Shagun brings a lot of private wealth management and family office experience to the table, having previously worked with IIFL Private Wealth Management, Kotak Wealth Management, and HSBC Ltd. He is in charge of giving strategic direction for the organization’s aims and objectives. “In order for a business to be successful, it must generate synergies both within its internal structure and in the dynamics it may establish with its clients and the market at large.” More than facts and trends are dealt with in wealth management.  The more significant the holdings under management, the more emotionally charged the performance data become for clients, and rightfully so. This is a trust-based firm, and I regard one of my most important responsibilities as facilitating continuously exceptional results and service standards. Clients, I believe, are not looking for the moon; rather, they want to know that their assets are safe and that they can count on us to deliver results that are on par with or better than the best options. My strategy is to set these expectations as a starting point for ourselves and then go above and beyond to gain our clients’ trust by providing tangible value and a personalised, hands-on approach to client engagement and services.”

Vikram Sengupta – Managing Partner at Legacy Investment Managers, Bangalore

Vikram has worked in major investment banks such as Lehman Brothers and Nomura Plc for nearly a decade in Indian capital markets. He has also worked with Indian wealth management organisations such as Anand Rathi. He has an MBA in finance and a master’s degree in economics from IIM Calcutta.

“We have purposefully avoided creating in-house products at Legacy in order to eliminate any bias in our offers. Although there are many products on the market, each one is analysed on a risk-adjusted basis before being chosen as the best in each asset class when constructing a client proposition. While we are still establishing ourselves as a company, we urge clients to compare every aspect of our offering to what they feel to be the finest in the field. Client feedback has been tremendously helpful in developing our core offers as we’ve grown.”

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