Lexplosion Solutions Private Limited.

3. Indranil Choudhary Founder CEO Lexplosion Solutions Private Limited The 10 Most Influential CEOs Making a Difference 2022

Legal soutions designed & developed by lawyers with in-house experience

The Lexplosion solution is headquartered in Kolkata, Lexplosion was founded by a team of four ex-GE lawyers to help the corporate legal and compliance fraternity reduce their effort and cost. Since its inception in December 2007, Lexplosion has focused on creating new markets by identifying the needs of corporate consultants and compliance officers and redefining solutions. They have helped many Indian organizations reduce the overall cost of legal and compliance operations by making their processes more efficient and benchmarking them to global best practices. Many of their pioneering initiatives stem from their endeavor to bridge the gap between the long-term needs of the customer and the solutions existing in the market.

The confidence shown by their existing customers in Lexplosion has helped them expand their existing scale of operations. Their premier distribution center is located in a state-of-the-art facility in the IT and ITeS hub of Kolkata with best-in-class infrastructure. Explosion’s rapidly growing team comprises lawyers from the best law schools in India and abroad and is backed by a Process Innovation Group consisting of resources with Lean and Six Sigma DNA.

Their Product Menu

  1. Komrisk
  2. Komplify
  3. Komplied
  4. Komtrakt
  5. Komlit – Litigation Management Software
  6. Komsight

Lexplosion believes that enterprises around the world largely want to stay on the right side of the law. Yet, due to the complexities, most of them struggle to understand the law and its impact on their business. Interpreting law has historically been the exclusive domain of a small and limited group of trained professionals, namely lawyers. As a result, obtaining proper and accurate legal advice has always been costly and time-consuming, making it the prerogative of a small group of successful corporations. The rest are mostly catching up with the law. Since laws in civilized nations are generally just and equitable, Lexplosion believes that obeying them helps society and the people working in the professions at large; the environment in which they operate; and the economies in which they operate. The vision of Lexplosion is to make law inclusive i.e. to provide quality legal aid to businesses at all stages of corporate growth, irrespective of the scale and size of operations, at any cost. In short, it is Explosion’s vision to simplify and make it easier for businesses around the world to comply with laws.


They believe that to fulfill their vision, they need to harness limited corporate legal skills in a way that reaches every segment of the business community. Hence, they have been marrying the law and innovating legally with scalable technology since its inception, which is their tagline. The result is India’s first fully standardized regulatory compliance database hosted on Komrisk, a leading cloud-based compliance management solution. To take their vision to the next logical level, they have now endeavored to codify the complex legal analysis that identifies laws and compliances using the highly developed algorithm that comes with Komplify.

Website- https://www.lexplosion.in/

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