Life of women in Afghanistan after Taliban Takeover


We enjoy and exercise our basic Human Rights within our national boundary. We have the freedom to move anywhere without any authority’s permission in any part of India. Yes, we are in the list of unsafe nation’s list for women; still we have a strong culture where women have complete freedom to perform under Human Rights. But, story of Afghan women is not that simple. They are living a life like hell.

It is tough to write for any human who understand the pain of a normal human; even reading such incidents create a thought of sorrowful environment within oneself. Afghanistan has been witnessing war and unstable governance since past four decades. It has created a hell like situation for every Afghan national in the country. The most affected individuals are women of Afghanistan.

Life full of Threats

The takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban has undoubtedly put women’s lives in danger and threatened their human rights in new ways. The threat of violence and inequality has long been a harsh reality for many Afghan women. A field survey report conducted by Demographic and Health Programme of USAID back in 2015 which is available on UN’s Global Database on Violence against Women, states that around 90% of women in some areas of the country have experienced violence from their husband. These violent activities are less reported in Afghan national capital Kabul and few big cities like Herat and Jalalabad.

Many research teams have tried their level best to conduct a successful survey and deliver the necessary aid to the Afghan women. Very few stories and incidents of brutal violence against women in Afghanistan have been reported as the governance has been stumbling to have a strong administration over Afghan territory. US intervention was a ray of hope for many, but it also went down in the middle of darkness. Sexual abuse, no equal rights, restrictions on movements, no formal education to women and many more reasons are existing for decades in Afghanistan.

How long will it take for justice?

Afghanistan has the most horrific and heart shaking stories which will keep you disturbed when you read and get to know about the life of Afghan nationals. Many are suffering and there’s no essence of getting this violent activity to be permanently vanish. I’ve heard incidents and stories of Afghan women and that keeps me worried. There are such incidents of Afghan villages and their intolerable laws which is not the sign of a normal human law.

We can just pray and hope situation in Afghanistan gets back to normal soon. It will be key contribution of Indian government if they somehow manage to stabilize the region of Afghanistan. Even though world leaders or the wealthiest nations like USA, UK, and other European states are providing shelters to Afghan nationals, it is not going to help them in the long-run. The prediction of stabilize Afghanistan will be a controversial topic to discuss as the arms and ammunitions are available to Taliban in huge quantity.

Let’s Thank Our People

I’ve seen and witnessed many individuals saying that ‘we need a good governance in the country, there’s no future in our land, etc.’ After reading such incidents I feel we have a good government in place which can take strong and bold decisions to keep our borders safe from such threats. Now, we must understand the importance of national security and be a responsible citizen to keep our nation and its women equality rights alive.

– Jai Hind

– by Parag Ahire

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