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Tell us about your company.

Lifecare Surgicals was established by a well-educated team. Lifecare Surgical’s Managing Director Mr. Vedala Raja Sekhar is a Law Graduate and Master’s in Finance & HR.

Lifecare Surgicals is the 1st Medical Device Manufacturing License holder in AP state in New Medical Device Rules, 2017, to manufacture Class B medical devices. Presently Lifecare Surgicals is supplying products to Andhra Pradesh (AP) State Government, Central Government hospitals, and many private hospitals across the state. Lifecare Surgicals is MSME, NSIC, ISO 13485:2016, and GMP certified Company.

What is the range of products in the company’s portfolio? Which products are you planning to launch ahead?

As of now, Lifecare Surgicals is engaged in manufacturing Infusion Sets, Micro drip Infusion Sets, Blood Transfusion Sets, Vented Infusion Sets, Cotton Gauge Bandages, Roller Bandages, Surgical & Examination Gloves, Medical Masks, etc.

Shortly, we’ll commence production of AD syringes from our current unit. We aim to generate employment for at least 100 individuals from that production line.

How does the covid19 Pandemic impact your business? What kind of challenges did you face in the first and second wave of covid19?

Covid19 Pandemic had a severe impact on the entire global supply chain. We were not exempted from that stress. Transportation was on halt, due to which we suffered to supply Surgical and Examination gloves on time. We somehow managed to sell individual packed 3 ply masks, Surgical Examination gloves to many hospitals, Government bodies to protect our people from the Covid pandemic.

What kind of challenges and opportunities do you see in the Indian medical industry?

The medical industry in India is growing rapidly. The Central Government through its body Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, and Government of India is implementing a lot of new standards to improve the medical industry to meet the global standards. Most of the medical industries are adapting to new standards. Medical Device Rules, 2017, is the main step towards the Make In India policy of the Indian Government.

The medical fraternity mainly Doctors and Hospitals are not concentrating on the quality of Medical Devices. They are more particular on MRP rather than focusing on the quality of the medical device and standards of the manufacturer.

What’s your opinion on medical waste recycling in India?

Medical Waste recycling in India is not monitored by the government properly. Hospitals and nursing homes are the main sources of medical wastes. There are many cases where waste generators throw their medi-waste in regular waste which gets mixed in the landfills.

The medical devices Infusion sets, Syringes, and also implants are collected from the dust bins and repacked and sold to the same hospitals. The medical fraternity, Hospitals, and mainly Doctors must have awareness on this. The government should look upon this and implement a strong & strict policy to curb such wrong practices.

Where do you see the Indian medical industry in the future?

We are optimistic about the future of the Indian Medical industry. India will definitely be the global leader in the medical industry. In recent times, India had shifted towards procuring international practices, medicines, and tools to improve the health of our patients. The Government is supporting the industry. The law-makers are concentrating more on uplifting the standards of manufacturing and services in the medical industry.

It will be key to watch, how the public responds to the efforts taken by the entire Indian medical industry and governments to improve life and life standards.

Year of Founding:2017
Funding Information:Family funded.
Founding Members:Vedala Raja Sekhar, Managing Director. Vedala Rajendra Kumar, Vedala Ratna Jyothi, Vedala Nivedita, and Vedala Suhas, Directors.
Office Location:Lifecare Surgicals, Industrial Estate, Nuzvid, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India 521201.
Company Strength:25 employees.

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