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What is the importance of CHRO as a service?

A chief human resources officer (CHRO) or chief people officer (CPO) is a corporate worker who takes charge of a company’s human resource management and looks after labour relations policies and functioning. A company’s human resources are crucial to its successful functioning as employees constitute their backbone. There is an unsaid gap between CEOs and CHROs of companies as the core principles of management of human capital often vary. This is the major reason why CEOs are unsatisfied with their CHROs. For this to change, the CHRO should assist the CEO through the development and appointment of the right talent to expose the potential of the organization. CHROs are essential for the following aspects of a company’s function:

  • Assessment of the talent pool
  • Selection and training of leaders
  • Preparing leaders for future roles
  • Keeping track of performance
  • Organization of learning programs

When CHRO is offered as a centralized service, management seems easy for most CEOs along with additional benefits that come with it. Hence CHRO companies are gaining popularity.

Liveware people to the rescue

In the past two decades, Liveware has successfully handled people during events of utmost importance such as Y2K, the internet bubble, the IT & ITES revolution, automation in the industrial industry, the e-commerce boom, the telecom revolution and company internationalization. Liveware has developed expertise in establishing engaging and disruptive people practises and has helped companies gain the reputation of being the best place to work in. Some of the most preferred corporations by engineering and management schools for placement have been supported by Liveware.

What makes Liveware different?

The specialists at Liveware hold both P&L and HR management positions. This aids in the comprehension of the business, the ability to communicate in business terms, and the development of people practise that support business. Liveware focuses on qualities such as creativity, innovativeness, adaptability, communication skills and authenticity while interacting with clients. They have served as the Chief Human Resources Officer for big multinational corporations, developed worldwide practises, consulted for reputable businesses, coached people and groups, spoken at industry conferences, and advised the government and educational institutions.

Mukund Menon, Founder

Mukund Menon is the founder of Liveware People. He was the President – Group HR of the Ashok Piramal Group, located in Mumbai, India, before joining Liveware People. In a career spanning 28 years, he has worked for companies such as Tech Mahindra, Charles River Computers, DSQ Software International Paper, and Manali Petrochemical Ltd (SPIC) extending to all industry verticals, global IT solution centres, and business teams in the Americas. He spent almost three decades working worldwide, with the last 12 years spent in the United States, where he was responsible for many global sites. His experience included operating a business unit with P&L responsibilities in the United States, worldwide people acquisition and engagement in a variety of environments, customer acquisitions, and people strategy. He had previously handled client interactions in brokerage, investment banking, and the high tech industry taking accountability for sales, project execution, and people management in the NYC metro area. He was a member of the executive team for two mergers and acquisitions during his time there. His people management responsibilities include recruitment and development of and leadership talent, regulating and channelizing HR processes, talent engagement in the United States and other parts of the world and integrating business and human resource activities. He was a member of the Government Board of Andhra Pradesh Employee Welfare Board, which was led by the Labor Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He has been a speaker at Leadership Forums in India and overseas. For three years, he was the Chairperson of the AP CII HR & Skill Building Committee. For his efforts and contributions to HR internationally and in India, he was named one of CHRO Asia’s “100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals.”

Responsibilities of Liveware

Liveware People is an Advisory and Consulting business that provides services such as CHRO As A Service, Leadership Development, Organizational Development & Effectiveness, Coaching, Learning & Development, and role-based learning. Liveware People conducts unique programmes for various corporate leaders such as

  • Enterprise Leaders such as Senior Vice Presidents and C-level executives
  • Business Leaders such as General Managers and Vice Presidents
  • Leading Teams made up of Managers and Sr Managers
  • Individual Contributors known as Team Members

Liveware People provides a mix of classroom and experiential learning, 1:1 coaching, workout sessions, case studies, self-awareness and self-development planning to name a few. Following the COVID incident, Liveware People has created several novel approaches to use digital platforms to virtually communicate with several participants while maintaining the spirit of the programme. The founders said, “Our programme size fluctuates on average between 25 and 50 participants, and engaging them digitally for two full days and eight hours each is a new competence we’ve added to our portfolio.” The company has recently collaborated with a virtual learning platform that delivers high-quality learning content and learning activities online, which they plan to use during their transition to the new normal.

Industry Human Resources
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana
Type Privately Held
Founded 2020
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