What is Luxepower?

Luxepower (Electric powered smart vehicles) is a Pune-based automaker that focuses on designing and developing electric autonomous vehicles. Luxepower was created in September 2018 to produce smart, efficient, self-driving, connected electric vehicles at an accessible price while also offering all necessary infrastructure and services across the country. Their main goal is to create inexpensively, high-performance, self-driving automobiles for the mainstream market at pricing comparable to gasoline and diesel vehicles.

They work hard to ensure courageous long-distance travel. To ensure worry-free trips, Luxepower is deploying high-speed charging stations every 250 kilometers across the country. Luxepower is dedicated to demonstrating that people do not have to make compromises to drive electric cars that are faster, safer, and more enjoyable to drive than gasoline automobiles. They believe that millennials are choosing to use electric vehicles and are reducing their reliance on fossil fuels to move toward a zero-emission future. By bringing new species’ models into the Indian market, Luxepower hopes to become a superpower-centred and innovative mobility brand.

Akshay Dhawan, Founder

Luxepower’s creator and director, Mr. Akshay Dhaware, is a first-generation young entrepreneur. He began his business career when he was 20 years old. He is an electric vehicle enthusiast with a degree in mechanical engineering. To construct autonomous electric automobiles, he needs vision, planning, perception, initiative, passion, and strategy, as well as a lot of energy. Apart from that, he enjoys reading books, listening to music, and traveling to new places.

Their Services

Luxepower charging, which is powered by mobile internet and has a vast network of superchargers, urban superchargers, and destination chargers, allows luxepower users to access their fast-charging network with a single click, making long-distance travel more convenient.

1. Superchargers

On expressways, national highways, and state highways, Luxepower superchargers are fast speed chargers that will be conveniently located near desirable amenities such as restaurants, shops, and hotels at every 250km distance in 20 minutes of charge you can drive a car around 200km by using superchargers. By 2025, the country will have 9000 individual supercharging stalls in 850 charging stations.

2. Urban Superchargers

Urban superchargers are similar to superchargers that will be put in urban areas at handy locations such as supermarkets and shopping malls. By 2025, there will be 5500 urban superchargers stalls at 450 stations across India, allowing consumers to travel within the city.

3. Destination Chargers

Destination chargers are slow-speed ac chargers that allow cars to be charged when they arrive at their destination. These chargers will be available at restaurants, hotels, malls, cinemas, theatres, and supermarkets across the country, with approximately 5200 destination chargers.

4. Power Vehicle

A power vehicle is an electricity storage truck that functions similarly to a mobile power bank, arriving at the user’s location after making an online reservation to charge the vehicle. While they are occupied, their users can save time by charging through a power vehicle. By 2027, there will be roughly 2000 electric vehicles in the country’s major cities.

5. Battery Swapping Stations

Battery swapping stations are locations where a drained automotive battery can be quickly recharged. It’s quicker than stopping at a gas station to refuel. They plan to begin installing these stations on high-traffic routes in 2027.

6. Service Centres & Stores

Luxepower will redefine the car ownership and maintenance experience by offering a one-stop-shop for all of its customers’ servicing concerns. People will be able to get all of the information they need about their latest and futuristic automotive technology, products, and services at their storefronts. By 2025, the country will have roughly 400 service centers and outlets.

Industry Automotive
Company size2-10 employees
Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra
Type Privately Held
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