Maarg Technologies

10. Dipak Sonawane, Founder _ MD- Maarg Technologies- 10 Best Corporate Leaders From Maharashtra - 2022

Innovating RVI applicatons according to the market need

Maarg Technologies Provides RVI-NDT Solutions to a Range of Industry Sectors Like Automobile, Aviation, Process, Research & Development, Defence. They are the sole Indian distributor of video borescope from Mitcorp Taiwan & also other NDT products. Since its inception, Maarg Technologies has served more than 200 plus Indian and abroad customers.

The founder of Maarg Technologies, Mr. Dipak Sonawane, spent 14 years promoting world-class, but expensive RVI-Videborescopes to Aerospace, Automobile, Petrochemical, Power & Research Industries. Spotting an opportunity to bring more affordable video borescopes to India, Dipak started Maarg Technologies and tied up with MITCORP Videoborescope brand of Taiwan.

Products they have:

Why choose them?

  • Their Approach: To them, it does not just work – they take pride in delivering suitable, competitive, RVI Solutions to the needs of all verticals of the Industries from Automotive, casting, Process, Aerospace, Nuclear, Power Etc. they are a team of down-to-earth Team. We won’t throw buzzwords at you, and we stand by our stated work-human philosophy.
  • Their Ability to support: They are committed to helping and supporting their existing and prospective customers by all possible means. They are not a flash-in-the-pan company, tomorrow also, they will be there for you. They try to offer standard support from office / stand-by unit support as per urgency, Same will be available from 10 AM to 6.00 PM Monday to Saturday.
  • Quality: This means they have Quality and variety for every RVI-applications need. They are continually evolving and emerging as an Economical & Best Quality RVI Solution providing company.


  1. X1000 PLUS-PRM100 & X2000 HD 360 articulation
  2. Application Field: Co-generation power plant.
  3. Test object: Boilers & steam turbine set.
  4. Target flaws: stocks, tube wall, gap.
  • X1000 PLUS + 360 articulation
  • Application Field: Diesel Engine Generator Set.
  • Test object: Engine Cylinder & parts.
  • Target flaws: Scratch & surface visual inspection.
  • MX500-Product Application Case
  • Application Field: Power plant cable.
  • Test object: Two-way cable connector.
  • Target flaws: Connecting subparts gap inspection.

Maarg is the word for path in many Indian languages. Their vision is to reach everyone who looking for advanced yet economical Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) solutions.


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