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Heavy machinery & tools are gaining huge demand in the Indian market. Post pandemic, several development projects have been resumed at a rapid pace to cover the deadlines. India is pushing infrastructure to counter several issues, including national security. In that case, big projects like bridges, flyovers, highways, shipbuilding factories, other factories, etc. are being held on a priority basis. Such huge infra requires heavy machinery & connecting tools. Cranes & other big machines use steel wires which have high tensile strength compared with other materials. 

According to some research & market experts, the rigging & heavy machinery & tools industry is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the next five years. By 2027, the steel wire rope and plastic rope market are expected to be worth USD 16.99 billion, growing at a 5.10 percent CAGR from 2020 to 2027. The current focus on speeding infrastructure and industrial development, as well as continuing projects, has spurred the need for steel and plastic ropes around the world, according to the Steel Wire Rope and Plastic Rope Market Report. In the forecast period of 2020 to 2027, this aspect is predicted to fuel market growth in favour of steel wire rope & plastic rope market due to their extraordinary strength capacity and low weight attribute.

In such a huge market, it requires a reliable partner who delivers as per requirement at the right proportion. Madras Hardtools Pvt Ltd stands in the list of most trusted manufacturer, suppliers & stockist for wire rope slings, webbing slings, steel chain slings & lifting accessories. Established in 1972, the company aims to provide the highest quality of products & solutions.

The company has a vision “To be the global leader of the wire rope industry by delivering customer delight, adopting modern technology and ensuring sustainable, inclusive growth for all of its customers.”

List of Products

Here we have a bunch of products available at large in Madras Hardtools stock list: 

Wire Ropes 


  • Oil & Offshore Rope
  • Crane Rope
  • Mining Rope
  • Elevator Rope
  • Fishing Rope
  • Aerial Haulage
  • Conveyor Cord
  • General Engineering Rope
  • Screw Pin Shackle
  • Bolt Nut Shackle
  • New s2135 s2145 Shackle
  • Wide Body Shackle
  • Alloy Bolt Shackle
  • ROV Shackle


Rigging Accessories 


  • Swivel hoist Ring HR-125M
  • Eye Bolt M279
  • Rivet Eye Bolts
  • Oblong Master Link A344
  • Oblong Master Link Assembly A347
  • Wire Rope Clips
  • Wire Rope Lubricant
  • Grade 100 Alloy Chain
  • Connecting Link 
  • Eye & Eye Turnbuckle
  • Hook & Eye Turnbuckle
  • Hook & Hook Turnbuckle
  • Jaw & Eye Turnbuckle
  • Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckle


Plate Lifting Clamps 


  • Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamps
  • Vertical Plate Lifting Clamps
  • Other Clamps
  • Open Spelter Socket
  • Closed Spelter Socket
  • Wedge Socket S421T


Quality is priority 

Madras Hardtools strive to provide the highest of standards for their products & quick delivery services for their clients. Huzefa A. Lehri, Director of Madras Hardtools says “we have heavily invested to build a robust infrastructure.” This is the reason, the company is able to maintain a huge amount of inventory in its stock facility. 

Unparallel match to the quality check & certified manufacturing, it gets an edge over its competition, which makes it the most reliable player in the market. Madras Hardtools has possession of 3000/1000/500 ton hydraulic splicing machines and 300 ton load-tested machines. The company is planning to expand its business by designing & manufacturing electric winches & wire winches to meet their client needs. 

Dealing in such a robust field, constant upgradation is the only factor that leads to growth. In the coming days, companies will struggle to grow if they do not focus on R&D. Madras Hardtools have plans to develop an in-house R&D department to create an environment of innovative products. Furthermore, Huzefa pointed out that, they are looking forward to installing 1000 tons of testing facility in the near future”.


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