2. Geniuslane Child Development Centre

India’s Top 10 Business Leaders, Ruling The Healthcare & Lifesciences Industry – 2022

    • 2022
    • 2022

India's Top 10 Business Leaders, Ruling The Healthcare & Lifesciences Industry - 2022

1. Dr Rahul Bharat Founder Geniuslane Child Development Centre

Everything you see around yourself comes in multiple variations in some way or another. But what we as humans generally ignore is the fact that every variation is unique and shouldn’t be compared. This is the general idea that our brain also follows in the process of variation. According to neurologists, not all brain parts are unique for every individual. Though we all have an idea about this theoretically, we tend to forget about this when it comes to our day-to-day life. This is where Geniuslane steps into the picture.

CDC solution ltd is the parent company of Geniuslane Child development center. CDC solution ltd provides digitized, and easy-to-understand information for Parents, School Counselors, Teachers, Psychologists, and Paediatrician.


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India's Top 10 Business Leaders, Ruling The Healthcare & Lifesciences Industry - 2022

 Digital innovation, technology empowerment, and automation affect today’s industries in profound ways. Health care too. The paradigm of health care delivery is changing and ready for greater progress. Healthcare and Drug Innovation is more focused than ever. The COVID-19 epidemic has shown that healthcare organizations can be stronger, faster, and more innovative with digital-enabled business models with basic data. The epidemic increased urgency and accelerated the transition process so that health care could be more plentifuland digitally enabled.

Healthcare delivery goes beyond the four walls of the traditional health system. Healthcare providers have realized that products or services alone, no matter how technically strong, will not be enough in the future. They should look to the future to engage with their users throughout the value chain of health care, whether doctors or patients and bring them to them not only the best care product or care service but the quality of care. And oneneeds to monitor developments from non-essential sources such as technology companies that can assist with diagnostic or early detection and assist the health care ecosystem.

The delivery of health care in India has seen a new focus on the use of digital technology during the epidemic. The industry, best known for its patient care delivery, aims to build the next generation of skills that will make a difference in the next decade. Various initiatives introduced before and during the epidemic, such as the National Health Digital Mission (NDHM), Teleconsulting guidelines combined with a growing innovation health technology program empowered by innovation have emerged to make health care journeys better for the people of India. It is good that PE / VC funding is coming to support health technologies to implement an eco-program.

Therefore, the “new innovation” in the healthcare system will be about how healthcare delivery will be established in the next decade and what it means for patients and healthcare providers. As more and more participants will become involved and collaborate to improve the health care experience, they will need to “unlock the power of data”. Organizations throughout the entire value chain for the future can take the lead in doing this and will be better able to combine the realities with the realities. These organizations may lead to the provision of accurate, transparent, personal information, and future forecasts.

On the cover page of our edition of “India’s Top 10 Business Leaders, Ruling the Healthcare & Lifesciences Industry – 2022“, we have Dr. Rahul Bharat, Founder of Geniuslane Child Development Centre. A platform that provides Early intervention to children and families with Neurodisability.

SwiftNLift focuses on companies and Startups that contribute to better shaping lives with the intent of making our society a better place. I hope you enjoy reading this piece of our efforts. We have other sections full of reliable and resourceful information to get you in the habit of reading.


India's Top 10 Business Leaders, Ruling The Healthcare & Lifesciences Industry - 2022

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description

3.Geniuslane Child Development Centre

provides Early intervention to children and families with Neurodisability.

4. Green Cure Wellness

Sanchit Garg  (Director)
Green Cure Wellness
Green cure wishes to provide comfort to an ordinary man in a progressively differentiated way.

11. Netmeds 

Pradeep Dadha, bruce schwack (Founder)
They ensure that you get high-quality life-saving medicines are delivered to you on time.


Sameer Maheshwari ,Prashant Tandon (Founder)
They deliver everything from genuine protein supplements to vitamins smoothly at honest prices.

7.EUOR Health 

Hildrun Sundseth ( President)
EUOR Health 
Promote the advancement of education and public awareness of women’s and family health issues throughout Europe 


Gautam Chopra (Founder)
To make managing chronic conditions easy, affordable and accessible for everyone.


Geetha Manjunath (Founder and CEO)
Their solution is a low-cost, accurate, automated, portable cancer screening tool that can be operated in any clinic.

10. Lybrate 

Saurabh Arora, Rahul Narang (Founder)
Lybrate is a digital healthcare platform and at present one of the most used Wellness apps with patients & doctors.


Rachit Chugh (Founder)
Identify and engage with clinical research sites that can deliver on your study accrual targets.

12. Mera Medicare

Madhu Khandelwal (Founder)
Mera Medicare
They bring a personal and effective approach to help every customer we serve
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