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M Square Engineers

( By putting the needs of the consumer first, we can provide a sustainable range of cooling tower services. )

The cooling tower market is expected to increase at a CAGR of more than 5% between 2021 and 2028, surpassing $2 billion in 2021. The growth of the chemical, automotive, petrochemical, and fertiliser industries will be complemented by an increase in industrial and manufacturing activity. Another factor fueling the expansion of the cooling tower market is the spike in the use of various types of equipment for cooling towers to prevent wear and tear.

The industry’s primary problem, though, is the limited supply of water. For instance, thermal power plants need a steady source of water supply because they need to use significant amounts of water for cooling. The cooling tower business is being forced to explore for energy-saving measures by the acute disadvantage and the worrisome rate at which the traditional energy sources will become scarcer.

M Square Engineers stepped in at this point to offer cooling tower solutions with the goal of conserving water, energy, and space. With more than 20 years of expertise in the cooling tower industry in India, they concentrate on providing their clients with high-end technology and customization along with quality service and support. M Square has made a name for itself not just in this country but also in the Middle East and South Asian nations. M Square approaches their cooling tower projects holistically in order to improve the overall plant efficiency rather than only focusing on the installation and maintenance hiccups.

Service & Technology

The company’s approach is unique and that is its USP. It follows an integrated approach. M Square always discusses and tries to find out a solution by which the entire plant performance improves, and not only cooling tower in isolation. It being educated in plant engineering subjects is in a position to discuss and come out with the right solution. It is treated as technically number one company in the country. It strictly follows guidelines of CTI standards for thermal design, and IS standards for structural design. In fact, M Square could give solutions for problems faced for other brands, which is positioning company ahead of all or superior.

The business is of the firm opinion that customers are more interested in how much someone cares about them than in how much one knows. “I believe this to be true in both personal and professional life. The entire team is structured so that they prioritise customers’ pain points and do all in their power to alleviate them. We frequently claim that our cooling tower helps customers keep their cool by cooling the water as well. We are a solution provider, the CEO says, helping people conserve resources for the benefit of the country whether it be water, power, or the space challenge.

The distinctive service offered by M Square is scientific performance evaluation, which determines whether or not the tower is operating according to plan. It develops technically viable solutions to increase or upgrade performance, assisting clients in increasing productivity. Many of its engineers and technicians have received this kind of training.

Many corporations, including JSW, AB Group, Vedanta, Ambuja, UPL, and many others, have previously benefited from these services. Numerous private business companies gave M Square the chance in the majority of the industry’s disastrous failures, which it encountered. It demonstrated the extreme speed and confirmed them correct offers services. Additionally, M/s GNFC invited it to present its analysis of structural failure and any solutions. The company’s suggestions were well received, and numerous locations are now using them.

M Square has been consistently developing fresh concepts and innovative approaches. It also emphasises speed. Innovation and Standardization are essential components of any growth strategy. It began training customers last year. Every month, we host educational webinars on a digital platform where we cover a variety of topics related to cooling towers, including maintenance advice, cooling tower behaviour theory, upgrade scenarios, structural failure prevention advice, non-performance charges, and cooling tower evaluation.

This has received good feedback. There is a community that is developing. We are not afraid to share our knowledge; in fact, we want our clients to recognise our commitment to serving society and the country. We are also motivated by the IBM success story, which is why we frequently utter the phrase “you will have good people to work with,” according to Mohan.

Growth Story

The company was started in the year 1999, with an objective of giving best. It has always focused on giving. M square gave more than 200 unique ideas to the industry. Sometimes in the initial stages M Square experienced that, because of unavoidable circumstances it had to spend much more than planned. However, it went ahead to achieve what it had committed. This has helped the company in creating a very strong good will.

It can proudly state that those clients who joined it in the beginning are still clients of M Square. They have a great mindset and creative solutions to solve their problems. They now believe they are following the path of least resistance. “I visited Japan in 1999 for an EDP in Osaka, which M/s AOTS Japan organised. I discovered two significant triggers during three weeks of eye-opening training. According to Mohan, the main goal of Japanese businesspeople is to benefit society or their country, and they hope to run MSME’s for 400 to 500 years.

Between 2000 and 2010, the majority of structural work was done on timber towers. This company received education from FRI, studied IS requirements in-depth, and was the first to start sharing these standards with industry. Customers and vendors now have access to suitable testing standards thanks to this. Structures are now more reliable as a result of this. M Square was a pioneer when it came to discussing structural flaws and offering solutions. The industry realised that providing new towers is far easier than providing solutions to current problems, hence M Square only began to provide new towers in 2005. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Andhra, Telangana, Odisha, MP, and other states in the region are where the corporation has a presence.

M Square began offering integrated solutions from the very first instance on, with a unique solution for each application. They began questioning it about fresh concepts whenever it interacted with customers. Then it got to work auditing the current systems. M Square received support on thermal designs and thermal performance analysis from MRL Corporation US from the very beginning. “Also, my personal expertise in engineering has assisted us in identifying a few problems and providing remedies.

We started trying a variety of technologies for a variety of applications, and we started seeing positive results from fresh approaches,” the CEO says. M Square received an award in the category of Skills and training from Manufacturing Today conferences in 2021, which M/s Aditya Birla Group co-sponsored. The company found that the majority of users were ignorant of the fundamentals of CT, its behaviour, and best practises.

Future Projects

M Square Engineers intends to work on a number of things in the days to come, including standardisation and modular construction, lead time reduction by 50% to help buyers cut lead time, design for collapse-proof structures to help buyers in improved reliability, spread to another 10 states in the next two years, a 5X growth in exports in the next two years, and last but not least, crossing $100Cr plus in n. Stars from the next generation Sameer, Nikhil, and Karan [ANTURKAR FAMILY] are now prepared to face difficulties. Their goal is to expand services that will give customers the impression that they are flying.

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Featured Person : Mohan Anturkar – CEO Company Name : M square engineers Founded Year: 1999 No. of Employees: 11-50 employees


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