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Top 10 Best Andhra Pradesh Startups in 2021

    • 2021

Top 10 Best Andhra Pradesh

Startups in 2021

Andhra Pradesh Startups-cover

Lifecare Surgical …

“Top 10 Best Andhra Pradesh Startups in 2021″

Andhra Pradesh Startups-coverpage


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In this era where we all are going through mental health issues, stress, and workload yoga is working as a ...
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"on the move to be a prominent consultation provider for business" Dkode global is a highly professional and focused team ...
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Extra Water Pvt Ltd

"Making our country water sufficient region" Are we facing a water crisis? I think we all will agree that India ...
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Gramtarang Technologies

"Passionately implementing the rising technology " Gramtarang Technologies Private Limited is a private listed company on August 13, 2018. It ...
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7. Ram Kumar Varma P, MD & CEO- Medic TFHC- Top 10 Best Andhra Pradesh Startups in 2021

Medic TFHC

Rural health care is one of the major challenges faced by the Indian Ministry of Health. With more than 70% ...
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SS Digi promotions

"Digitizing dreams of clients in budget friendly manner" Digital Industries is a leader in innovation and technology in industrial automation ...
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"Complete Solution for Your IT requirement" In today’s time accessibility is an important factor for rural development. People need adequate ...
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Turfpearl Agritech Pvt Ltd

"Signifying quality in natural essential oil and its allied products" The modern lifestyle can be very stressful at times and ...
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YONTUS Life Sciences

"Research-based laboratory for global solutions." YONTUS Life Sciences Their services: Food & Argo products: YONTUS provides food testing services to ...
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The Industrial City of Andhra Pradesh

Introduction Located in the south-eastern coastal region of India, Andhra Pradesh is the seventh-largest state by area and tenth-most populous ...
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Tourism Industry of Andhra Pradesh

The tourism industry is one of the largest service industries in India. India offers geographic diversity, world heritage sites, and ...
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Rise of Women’s Sports in India

Rise of women sport in India The sports industry is a huge administration from field games to journalism and so ...
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