Top 10 Karnataka Start-ups 2021

    • 2021

Top 10 Karnataka Start-ups 2021


Sailax DBC: Design Your Own Unique Digital Business Cards…

“Top 10 Karnataka Start-ups 2021″




SGC Services: Service Providers for Training, Auditing, Consultancy and Certification Companies

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to ...
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RoyalMobi Media: Connects Best Class Technology with Programmatic for Digital Marketing

What’s your definition of “Programmatic”? How does your company relate to it? To put it in simple words, Programmatic advertising ...
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Inuit : Cost Effective Cloud Solutions for SMEs

What is Inuit? Inuit Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company founded by two friends who have known ...
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Danush : Result-Oriented Information Technology Solutions

What constitutes Danish? Danush provides a wide range of result-driven Information Technology solutions that help clients realize their strategic and ...
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Ashwamedha Energy: Providing Sustaianable Power Solutions to Reduce Carbon Footprint

What constitutes Ashwamedha? The environment is at the heart of Ashwamedha's operations. They aim to generate electricity from renewable resources ...
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SunStream: Engineering and Supply Chain Solutions Simplified …

What is SunStream? SunStream Global Technologies focuses on Electronic Design, Mechanical Design, Product Development, and related IT services. Sunstream supplies ...
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VividSparks: High Speed Fabless Semiconductor Technology

What is VividSparks? VividSparks is a high-speed computer technology firm that specializes in fabless semiconductors and is self-funded. They are ...
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Blue Cold : Increasing the Life of Perishables Through Cutting-Edge Technology

Blue Cold is a company that provides refrigeration technology. Blue Cold's units have been deployed in several successful operating operations ...
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Meraqi: Bespoke Solutions for Real Estate Owners and Investors

What is Meraqi? Meraqi is a corporation that specializes in strategic real estate solutions. Property owners and investors can use ...
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Zinc : An Essential Mineral

Zinc is a type of mineral. Because very small levels of zinc are required for human health, it is referred ...
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Solar Energy : Current Status

During the previous several years, solar energy has had a noticeable impact on India's energy situation. Millions of people in ...
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Solar Energy : Current Status

Description Of all the big cat species, the tiger is the largest. Tigers are easily identified by their striped orange ...
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