Top 10 Most Promising Clean Tech Start-Ups In 2021

    • 2021

Top 10 Most Promising CleanTech Start-UpsIn 2021


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“Top 10 Most Promising Clean Tech Start-Ups In 2021”




Ipower – Powering Electric Mobility With Evolving Energy Storage Solutions

Would you tell us about IPOWER BATTERIES (Vision and Mission)? IPower Batteries Private Limited's parent firm, Computech Systems, was founded ...
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Eta – Providing Chemical-Free Decontamination Systems

“Without purification, there is no perfection.” So here we are with the purification expertise Dr Dinesh Venka, Founder Eta Purification ...
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Seagrass Technologies – Cultivating Marine Algae For A Healthy Sustainable Planet

What is Seagrass? Algal biomass is widely regarded as the most reliable source for addressing many well-known issues such as ...
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Cydee Technologies – Making Developing Countries Safer For Women To Step…

Their mission Cydee Technologies' mission is to make underdeveloped countries safer so that nobody has to be afraid. They hope ...
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Climotion – Revolutionary Software For Controlling Airtreatment Installations

What is Climotion? Climotion provides a full range of services for the design and implementation of a BaOpt installation, as ...
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Vasshin Composites LLP – Creating An Emphasis On The Reduction…

Their identity Vasshin is an environmental engineering firm dedicated to establishing a community of people who are committed to living ...
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AWEV Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – PROVIDES EV Conversion Kits, EV Drive Train…

What is their goal? The main goal of AWEV is to change India's E-Mobility future through "Energy Efficient and Cost-Effective" ...
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Solavio Labs – Patenting Innovative Solutions And Engineering New Products.

What is their goal? Engineers founded Solavio Labs intending to develop breakthrough technology and engineering solutions to improve the performance ...
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Kaddoo Technologies Pvt Ltd – Providing A Clean Digital Alternative Saving Milli…

What are their distinguishing attributes? They are a group of tech monks They want to use technology ingenuity and innovation ...
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Robotic Assistance And The Future Of Energy Sustainability

Innovation keeps on progressing across worldwide enterprises, advanced mechanics holds the way to expanded exactness, accuracy, and cost reserve funds ...
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Sustainable Development Tends To Require Clean Energy

As of late, utilities have worked straightforwardly with business and mechanical locales to rent housetops and open regions to send ...
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Biodiesel’s Potential As A Diesel Engine Fuel

A review of biodiesel fuel creation and use in diesel motor are delineated in this section. The capability of biodiesel ...
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