Top 10 Promising Healthcare Startup Companies In India 2021

    • 2021

Top 10 Promising Healthcare Startup Companies In India 2021


Mediimpact Healthcare: India’s only Health mobile wallet app…

“Top 10 Promising Healthcare StartupCompanies In India 2021″




Medilife Health: Affordable and High-Quality Pharmaceutical Solutions

Medilife Health was founded in 2010 as a joint vision of aspiring individuals with over 26 years of expertise in ...
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Curika: Complete Home Health Care Services

What is Curika? In these times of social distance, healthcare has grown more difficult to obtain. As a result, the ...
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Credence Medicure Corporation: Global Commissionaire and Concierge .

Credence Medicure Corporation: Global Commissionaire and Concierge . Credence Medicure Corporation is a US-based company that offers global medical commissionaire ...
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Wager – The Most Trusted Manufacturer and Private Labeller of Sanitary Napkins

Wager Group, founded in 2009, has developed to become India's most trusted manufacturer and private labeler of sanitary napkins, as ...
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Veera Health – Care For Indian Women and Their Wellness.

Who we are Veera is building a revolutionary ecosystem that puts Indian women and their wellness at the. Our mission ...
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Qure: Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Medical Imaging

What they are? Medical data is being generated at an exponential rate, from medical pictures to connected devices. Traditional diagnostic ...
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Doctomist – Healthcare Technology Solutions Provider

Doctomist is India's leading healthcare technology solutions provider, providing healthtech solutions such as Telemedicine for Patients and IoMT (Internet of ...
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Sohayak – Online Ambulance Services for Medical Emergency Assistance

Sohayak is always there for you, with Online Ambulance Services in Kolkata that will give you a leg up when ...
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Nutrition Garage – Get Treated as a Family

"Swati Chawla" launched Nutrition Garage in 2019, an online/offline clinic to teach and inform the general public about good food ...
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AI in Healthcare

Medical services are one of the significant examples of overcoming adversity of our occasions. Clinical science has improved quickly, raising ...
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VR in Healthcare

Clinical VR is a region with intriguing conceivable outcomes. It has not quite recently moved the creative mind of sci-fi ...
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Healthcare sector in India : Spotlight

India has achieved great progress in the delivery of healthcare in the country during the last few decades. It has ...
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