Top 10 Real Estate Companies Profile ( Awfis )

The startup, independent contractor, and entrepreneurial communities can use co-working spaces provided by the Indian company Awfis. It was established in 2015 and has more than 77,000 seats spread over 131 centres in India.
Amit Ramani is the founder of Awfis, a company that provides coworking space to entrepreneurs and small businesses. He established the company in April 2015 with eight centers around India. In
addition to its coworking spaces, Awfis also has a smartphone app that lets users reserve office and conference space at any of its locations around the nation.
Awfis has developed over the past few years from a coworking network to a fully tech-enabled workspace solutions platform that offers products across the spectrum of work requirements in order to cater to a wide segment of the modern workforce, from freelancers to start-ups, SMEs to large corporates and MNCs. The Awfis Design Philosophy guarantees that our rooms offer the ideal balance of collaborative and private areas, and their vibrant colour schemes and cutting-edge furnishings give them a modern appeal. Awfis has successfully reimagined what a modern office should look like and set a standard for offering an exceptional work experience. We are India’s largest shared space network, with a presence established throughout all metros and a host of Tier ll cities.
Flex Workspaces for on-the-go booking on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis ranging from a flexi or fixed seat or cabin are among the products in the bouquet. Enterprise Workspace, which provides fully managed offices or customised spaces within its centres to meet corporate needs, Awfis Transform is a Design & Build Solution that assists organisations in designing and transforming their workspace. With our specialised care and end-to-end tech-enabled facility management, Integrated Facility Management (Awfis Care) provides Awfis provides mobile working solutions for remote workers. The newest in ergonomic furniture for home office settings is available with our Work from Home Solution (Awfis@ Home) as well as our premium workspace option (Awfis Gold), which elevates workplace design and experience with its attractive appearance.
Awfis has always put the needs of the customer first, and it is because of this philosophy that they are the chosen workspace for business in India. Their extensive network of locations across India assures that by working from any of their centres located throughout important micro markets and CBDs in 17 our members can concentrate on growing their businesses. They have more than 1500 members, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to up-and-coming start-ups, which attests to their experience. They also want to continue evolving and adapting to the ever-changing patterns. With the help of the Awfis network, you can connect, thrive, and prosper every day. The Awfis Annual Return is available here. Our energetic community members are treated to more than 500 special events, workshops, and experiences each year, and our 100+ strategic alliances guarantee that they have easy access to the best service providers.
Realty firm Prestige Group has tied up with Awfis to set up six coworking spaces of around 4,000 seats in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai which was operational between April and July 2021.
The company plans to invest R1 crore in each location and will be offering three types of coworking spaces–private offices, shared offices and meeting rooms- -at these locations. The private offices will cost Rs 16,000 per month while the shared offices will cost Rs 12,000 per month. The meeting rooms will be available at Rs 1,200 per day
In December 2016, Awfis was featured under the 40 coolest co-working spaces in India published in the Entrepreneur magazine. The article praised Awfis for its unique approach to co-working, calling it “one of the most innovative spaces in India.” The magazine also praised the company’s commitment to providing a high-quality, affordable co-working experience for its members.
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