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I n 2020, the global building hardware market size was estimated at USD 15.96 billion and is projected to reach USD 23.271 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2021 to 2026. Architectural hardware includes door and window locks, door closers and floor springs, furniture hardware, panic bars, door automation, shower hardware, door and window fittings, glass hardware corner hardware, glass hardware railings, and other accessories.

The global building hardware market is expected to gain significant momentum in the near future, fueled by economic growth and increased infrastructure investment in various developing countries. Governments have taken initiatives related to infrastructure development. Increased investment in the real estate sector has increased the demand for door and window fittings and other building components. At the same time, economic improvement in developing countries such as India, China, and Indonesia attracts large investments from various countries. This is the factor driving the demand for building hardware for infrastructure and construction projects in various sectors. For example, in January 2019, China invested US$163 billion in the infrastructure sector to boost its economy. New construction projects include two major airports and a train station. Similarly, private equity firm I Squared Capital raised $7 billion in September 2018 for a new infrastructure project in India.

There are several companies that are involved in the field of Architectural hardware, but recently one such company has caught my eye, as they are truly making a difference. The company is registered under the name, Engineer, and Decors and they are offering products of world-class quality, and through constant technological innovation. They understand the needs of their customers and shall stay focused on them by offering them products, services, and solutions of the highest quality.

Engineer & Decor fuses time-honored craftsmanship with modern technology to create architectural hardware products of uncompromising quality. Their team of experts has developed a wide range of door products, including custom solutions for high-end residential, commercial, and institutional applications. Since 2001, They have operated under one guiding principle: “if you can dream it, we can make it”. From their concept to manufacturing, all Engineer & Décor products are proudly made in India. Innovation is a hallmark; it is one of the most important driving forces of their existence. A large part of their strategic decisions is finding new ways to build better products, find better technology, promote a more rewarding work environment, and identify more efficient ways of working. is spent on their main goal to develop into a global manufacturer and supplier of building hardware and door accessories. To do that, they need to step up their efforts to raise their profit margins to sustainable levels and establish themselves as an industry leader.

In their journey of over 20 years, they have catalyzed some of the major changes that have led to India’s emergence as the global destination for Investment casting. They started as Domestic players in India back in 2001 and now serve almost 56 countries.

Their quality standards?

Investment casting practice is based on the manufacturing process and quality controls to provide consistent, high-quality investment castings. As an AS9100 certified and ISO 9001 compliant investment casting company, they are quality conscious and place a top priority on supplying their customers with parts that meet or exceeded all contractual requirements, on time, every time.

Customers that work with Engineer & Decors will benefit from:

■ A manufacturing philosophy based on meeting the customer’s requirements, not avoiding them.
■ Application of the leading technology within the industry.
■ Stringent process controls to ensure repeatability.
■ Cast material that is free from defects.
■ Castings that meet all dimensional requirements.
■ A uniform response to heat treatment with tensile properties that consistently exceed the specified minimums.
■ Burr-free castings that can be set into machining fixtures “as received”.
■ Lower machining costs with higher quality parts.

Conquering Start-up Challenges

Engineer & Decor have implemented a quality management system that promotes the innovation of improved products and of the processes that create and deliver them. The company holds several quality approvals including ISO 9001:2015 and the internationally recognized automotive accreditation, IATF 16949:2016. They have an ongoing program to review and implement new systems for improvement. This program includes establishing the company as an environmentally friendly organization by minimizing waste and reducing pollution.

They have their own in-house laboratory with advanced testing and measurement equipment, together with state-of-the-art inspection facilities and procedures.

With its team of qualified and experienced professionals, dedicated to supplying a high-quality product, Engineer & Decors aims to fulfill individual customer requirements, ensure expectations are fully met, and enhance the entire customer experience.

What Makes Engineer & Decor Unique in the Industry?

■ Engineer & Decor is an integrated team of 50+ Engineers and Technicians.
■ State of the Art manufacturing Infrastructure of 5000 sq. Ft. at their disposal.
■ Machinery line-up is one of the best in the industry and is globally comparable in its format.
■ More than 25% of infrastructure, assets, and team is dedicated to quality function.
■ They deliver castings with globally comparable quality.
■ Heritage Vendor status with the majority of their customers.
■ Manufacturing ranges from 3 grams to 15 kgs.
■ In-house CAD-CAM facility and tool room to develop Dies. Engineer and Decors Ms Kapila Dabas Director
■ Any ‘material of composition/alloy’ possible.
■ On line Spectrometer for precise composition control.
■ Heat treatment, coating, precision machining, and buffing facility available.
■ They work on a team spirit + collective wisdom basis.
■ Continuous learning and excellent organization.
■ Near ‘0’ Employee and Customer Attrition rate.

Roadmap Towards a Brighter Future

Engineer & Décor’s future map holds their expansion in different countries starting with setting up a warehouse in the United Kingdom to serve their European market and UK market followed by setting up a PVD plant and foundry in the UK. Foundries are trying to overcome these challenges by making collaborations to innovate advanced casting technologies using simulations, which are likely to reduce the shop-floor time and increase the casting yield.

Their Innovation holds various techniques and technologies that have been developed and fine-tuned to improve the investment casting process.

Top 5 Business Leaders, Ruling The Investment Casting Manufacturers Industry

Featured Person : Kapila Dabas Director at E&D (Architectural Hardware)
Company Name : Engineer and Decors
Founded Year: 2008


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