Mahindra Electric: A Pioneer of Electric Vehicles and Related Technologies in India.


Mahindra Electric Mobility

Director: Mr. Parthasarathy Vankipuram Srinivasa

Mahindra Electric Mobility is the country’s first electric car manufacturer. Their goal is to bring the movement of tomorrow to life today. They have a vast range of electric vehicles and will be expanding it even more under the ‘Mahindra Electric’ brand. Their products are aimed at both consumers and businesses and are built to support the emerging shared, electric, and networked mobility paradigm.

Their Establishment

Mahindra & Mahindra (part of the $19 billion Mahindra Group) sought the opportunity to combine their years of car manufacturing expertise with the country’s leading EV manufacturer, Reva Electric Car Company (founded in 1994), and renamed it Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles to promote the growth of electric vehicles (EVs) in the country.

The mission expanded as the portfolio grew. The company has expanded to manufacture a wide range of electric vehicles, support the advancement of power and drive train technologies, and provide mobility solutions to enable connected shared electric mobility.

The company, which has been renamed Mahindra Electric Mobility, represents the Mahindra Group’s vision of the Future of Mobility — a sustainable automotive ecosystem that provides mobility solutions to clients all over the world.

Their Vision

Their goal is to become a leading brand in customizing electric mobility experiences using cutting-edge technologies. In light of this, they’ve devised a detailed plan to build a strong EV ecosystem by investing in next-generation technologies and globally competitive products, to increase the adoption of sustainable mobility.

The corporation will invest in EV 2.0 to increase manufacturing and create new, high-end electric powertrains, motor controllers, systems integration, and battery technologies. Longer range, higher speeds, and future connected car technology will all be available in the next generation of electric vehicles, enabling modern mobility solutions.

They are collaborating with ecosystem stakeholders, both commercial and public, to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and assure a more progressive and environmentally friendly future for the country’s mobility system.

NEMO – Next-Generation Mobility

As the ecosystem evolves to accommodate an increasing number of electric vehicles and diverse modes of transportation for end-users, the demand for infrastructure to support an electric-led mobility system arises. Mahindra Electric’s mobility concept is all-encompassing, intending to bring together the entire ecosystem to bring India’s 2030 vision closer to reality. They built the NEMO platform to handle the particular opportunities and problems inherent to e-mobility, based on their experience from over 200 million road kilometers and many mobility programs.

NEMO is a cloud-based platform that enables a new generation of shared, connected, and electrified services, all of which contribute to the revolutionization of urban mobility.

Range anxiety, battery performance, and other impediments to EV adoption are addressed by NEMO, which also provides greater insights into vehicle performance. The platform offers a new set of business models around shared mobility and allows fleet operators to operate an electric vehicle fleet seamlessly utilizing capabilities like fleet management, location services, trip planning, and maintenance, among others.

Nemo’s applications

Mahindra Electric vehicles are the true “Connected Cars” for personal use, allowing users to link their electric vehicle via the NEMO app. They have access to several useful capabilities, including remote automobile control and vehicle range. These features are fully integrated with our service network.

The NEMO Driver and Commuter apps let fleet owners plan, monitor, and automate end-to-end transportation needs for their clients. On the NEMO platform, these apps allow various stakeholders like commuters and drivers to have hassle-free interactions.

Industry Automotive
Company size 201-500 employees
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka
Type Privately Held
Founded 1994

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