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Manasaram Architects

Who are we?

Manasaram Architects

Manasaram, the celebrated saint wrote the oldest treatise on Indian Architecture Vastushastra, describing the science of design principles for buildings, from which our Studio Manasaram was born. Vastushastra is a science of architecture that combines the five elements of nature and cosmos, ultimately balancing with man and the material. We believe that to create a Space for human Existence transcending Time, it is desirable that the architect designs to cater to all the three faculties of Man – Physical, Psychological and Spiritual. Man inherited, developed and nurtured this good earth and is nourished by it. Ecological disturbances and environmental problems are posing a grave situation for humanity.

We, at Manasaram are committed to fight back climate change by promoting the use of locally abundant, easily renewable, low energy materials. Working with natural materials in itself has been an eye opener and put us on the path back to our roots. Using what is freely available on the site, i.e., Sun, Soil, Air, Water and Space, and materials that are within our short reach are the determining factors in our designs. Creativity is a mere result of this challenge. We strive towards making the building a living entity, responding and growing like any other living being. When this goal is met, even to a small extent, the built structure becomes a thread in the web of all life, one with nature, nature itself.

What we do?

Architectural Design

We believe in holistic architectural building practices that are cost effective, ecologically sensible and sustainable. We work closely with the client, labourers and artisans to be able to conceive an environmentally sound project. We promote the use of locally available materials, traditional building techniques and climatically relevant building design and building a vibrant community of crafts persons.

Environment Planning and Site Development

It is time to change our consciousness in this regard and come up with appropriate means of utilizing our resources such as Sun, Wind, Water and so on. We must learn to use these limited resources carefully. This is where we step in – to combine our technological and creative skills with true wisdom and commitment, and reverse the trend of violence against nature. We work with consultants to bring ecological thinking to land-use planning in all stages of a particular project.

Education and Skill Development

In order to spread awareness and inspire the youth, to help make widespread ecological and sustainable practices, Manasaram along with CGBMT , its sister trust, provide courses and conduct various workshops for Architecture, Design and Engineering colleges, school children, rural women, artisans and specially abled. We focus on engaging the community into leading a Sustainable lifestyle by involving them in workshops of mud, rural buildings, while including Bamboo in our palette of natural material from past 20 years. Advocacy to promote sustainable architecture is an important part of our agenda.


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