Mantreza Technologies: Delivers to client’s the concepts to reality, developing it more practical, dynamic & automated in the real world.


Mantreza is not only a globally recognized IT company but also a family filled with talented experts that help global brands & enterprises.

  • Client-centric Approach
  • Effective Collaboration
  • Quality Delivered in Time


From A to Z we have everything that you need for your business needs. Only major categories are listed above for a better overview of our major service modules. For more details you can always contact us on or you can also discuss with our experts from the chatbox.


Productive offshore tech development company providing a wide range of website and mobile app development, game development, IoT, AR-VR and other global IT services and solutions.

  • UI/UX Design:SDesign Architecture is the basis for the growth of every website or mobile app. Mantreza is a leading web and mobile app design production firm with the goal of turning fantastic concepts into practical experiences. Starting with the conceptual framework, strategic leadership, visual identification, and UX design. Recruit UI/UX designers from Mantreza for timely production of enticing websites and mobile apps resulting maximum user engagement.
  • Cyber Security:Let’s face it; we ‘re living in a wired era. Our everyday, lives and lifestyles have all started to gravitate into the realm of the mobile phones and digital media. Unfortunately, this pervasive trend leaves us more susceptible than ever to terrorist threats, invasions of privacy, theft, and other similar inconveniences. That’s why cyber security is a critical part of a safe and well-ordered digital world. Cyber Security keeps us safe from malware, computer offenders, and other fraudsters.
  • Web Engineering:As a leading custom software application development firm around the globe, our certified engineers have unmatched experience in collaborating with the new technology innovations to create unique software solutions. If it’s building a web presence for your client, a knowledge portal for your sector or empowering your Mobile Apps / IoT devices via Backend – Mantreza does everything by covering a broad variety of cloud solutions and services.
  • Branding:Branding improves recognition, it builds attachment with the consumer. Not only recognition, trust is also one of the main factors which brands take advantage by making people more likely to purchase from a business that appears polished and legit. Branding support Advertising : an important component of a brand. It builds financial value to the business, also inspire employees to understand the mission. All in all it generate new customers.
  • Mobile Apps:Through B2B to B2E applications for companies, small companies and start-ups, we have an established track record in providing high-impact, result-driven and engaging mobile device development services. Mantreza is the leading mobile app development business renowned for providing Android app development, iOS app, hybrid and cross-platform app development services to create next-gen applications using the latest tech stack.
  • A.I. Automation:Are you looking to add expertise to your current business application or to build a new one? Our AI-ML developers are here to help you do this. We create AI-ML solutions that will save up to 30% of the cost of your overall business operations. We have experience in working with software, frameworks and technologies such as TensorFlow, Apache SystemML, Caffe, Apache Mahout, OpenNN, Torch, Neuroph, Mycroft AI, etc. to promote market intelligence in a number of industry verticals.
  • Internet of Thing:Mantreza is the best IoT service provider to develop groundbreaking IoT solutions. Our IoT professionals create customized and creative IoT technologies to simplify and optimize dynamic product development. Together we will build impressive wireless interactions with new IoT equipment to gather knowledge. Hire the best IoT programmers from Mantreza to support companies and enterprises developing platforms.
  • Quality Assurance:Quality Assurance is the core of our ecosystem. Mantreza has established testing experts whose confidence helps to make faster & quality releases. We conduct various tests such as Functional, GUI, Usability, Security, Server Testing, Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser, Accessibility, etc. Our QA experts work with DevOps software and develop automated testing techniques for faster delivery. For us, you will have complete access to the QA reports.

*Above profile is covered by: SwiftNLift Business Magazine

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