5. Anu Acharya Founder CEO Mapmygenome The 10 Most Influential CEOs Making a Difference 2022

Preventive healthcare solution to provide better health & future

Mapmygenome is a molecular diagnostics company, that makes sure people should be proactive about their health. They provide personalized health solutions based on genetic tests that help people to know about themselves. By combining a health history with genetic counseling and a genetic health profile, Mapmygenome provides actionable steps for individuals and their physicians toward a healthier life. Mapmygenome focuses on preventive healthcare through healthy habits.

Their teams in Hyderabad and Delhi include biotechnologists, statisticians, geneticists, bioinformatics experts, and medical consultants. They have 15+ years of technical expertise in the field of Genomics and Big Data. Their advisory panel consists of expert scientists and doctors. To enhance this innovative brand and provide value-added services to the clients, their highly-skilled research team employs cutting-edge technologies in various domains.

Their Products

  1. Genomepatri
  2. Genomepatri Heritage
  3. MyFitGene
  4. Medicamap
  5. Mynutrigene
  6. Clinical Diagnostics

Why choose them?

  1. Genomic Experience: MMG’s scientific team are experts with 20+ years of experience in Genomics and Big Data handling working with state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Well-versed with genotyping in large cohorts, microarrays, gene expression analysis, and other sophisticated NGS (Next Generation Sequence) based platforms. MMG Bioinformatics provides accurate analysis of data generated from various NGS platforms and also has rich experience in working with RNA-Seq, Chip-Seq, and Exome-Seq applications.
  • Accreditations: The team at Mapmygenome is experienced in collaborating with reputed global research centers, hospitals, and companies and offering services that demand the highest quality standards. Some of their features include:
  • Compliance with safety and sample handling standards.
  • Their Spoligo-TB kits have CE certified-IVD mark (In Vitro Diagnostic Kits) and are sold worldwide.
  • Their Genetic Counselors are Board (BGCI) certified and highly qualified.
  • ICMR and NABL for Covid-19 testing
  • NABL for Genetic Testing for Specific Tests
  • PCPNDT for Antenatal Testing and Counseling
  • Genetic Counselling: Their genetic counselors have first-class proven expertise to fill you out detailed DNA reports, diseases, lifestyle traits, etc, and provide you with recommendations – personalized risk management, and safe lifestyle solutions for your Further medical tips to get started on your wellness odyssey.


Being a pioneer in preventive and prophylactic testing; Mapmygenome aligns its products to customers around the world as the first base for testing. Their products have been tested by renowned professionals, are accepted by all health care providers, and are in use worldwide. They are being used by health-conscious individuals for now; But this balance needs to be changed so that they can reach every person, every doctor, and prove to be useful for all!


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