Marvel Interior Designer

5. Mahesh Purohit, Founder _ Principal Architect- Marvel Interior Designer- Top 10 Architecture _ Interior Design Companies in 2022

Curating designs that come from the heart

Marvel specializes in providing beautiful and aesthetic interior design services for homes and businesses. Our team knows many international styles and trends.

We are always happy to refine and improve the perfect design for your dream project.

Marvel is an interior design and architecture company founded in 1996. The brand meets a wide range of needs and offers unique services for both commercial and residential sectors. With over two decades of experience.

Marvel specializes in creating innovative, sustainable, inspirational, and functional environments. These qualities are complemented by the range of services provided by our experienced interior designers and architects in Kolkata, all under one roof. Elegance with life is a hallmark of Marvel. This ensures that the designs are visually powerful, elegant, and most importantly, immortal.

The company’s reputation owes its existence to the boldness and speculation of its founder and original designer, Mahesh Purohit. It houses various corporate institutions that allow the company to offer a wide range of services to its customers. His holistic approach to design and constant drive for innovation has been key to Marvel’s success.


The company manages all planning stages after the four DS through a clear and defined process. Clients receive detailed information, written recommendations for project submissions, key details, information, and costs to understand clearly from the outset.


  • Villa Interior Design
  • Villa Exterior Design
  • Apartment Interior Design
  • Office Interior Design
  • Retail Interior Design
  • Bespoke Furniture and Accessories


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