4.Sanjay Bhadhoria Director MEDICEA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Five Most Dynamic Business Leaders Ruling The IT Industry 2022

Changing pharmaceutical needs fulfilled with flexible softwares

Drug safety is one of the hottest topics in daily medical practice, particularly in relation to the question of whether to approve a new drug or to withdraw a drug from the market. We need to know the importance of the drug safety concept and its impact on patients’ health.

Medicea Technology Provides solutions for supply chain automation and information availability across the market segment. Their years of expertise in this market segment are reflected in the fact that they own India’s largest and fastest-growing drug information database. Medicea Info currently helps over 3000 existing customers daily and this number is growing rapidly. For ages, this industry had a unique problem of information unavailability and service integration. Medicea’s technology platform provides a unique solution for providing drug information on your cell phone. Their integration technology offers the integration of stakeholders at multiple levels, therefore eliminating loopholes that have traditionally caused significant cost overhead for market participants.

Medisea Technology Solutions Private Limited is an unlisted private company. It was incorporated on 05 October 2015. It is classified as a non-government company. The company’s total revenue ranges from $10,000 to $100,000. It has a total paid-up capital of less than $10,000 and an authorized capital of less than $10,000. Mediasia Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd has 3 appointed Directors/Decision Makers Ashish Kumar, Sanjay Singh, and Amit Kumar.

Their Products

  • mFind
  • PharmaConnect
  • PharmaConnect++
  • PharmaConnect de
  • YourBrand
  • InsightOnMeds
  • mSecure
  • mConnect

Their Services:

  • Brand Data
  • Pharmacology
  • Integration Service
  • Operation optimization

Lack of access to Medicine:

Lack of access to medicines leads to a cascade of misery and suffering for which there is no relief. The excruciating pain of child’s earache to women who bleed during childbirth, to death from diseases that are easily and cheaply prevented or cured. Lack of access to medicines is a disparity that can be measured by one clearly visible criterion: the number of preventable deaths. Efforts to improve access to medicines are driven by a compelling ethical imperative. People should not be denied access to life-saving or health-promoting interventions for unreasonable reasons, Including economic or social reasons. Millions of children die every year from diseases that could have been prevented or cured with existing medical products would be unimaginable In a fair and just world.


The drug safety concept has attracted a lot of attention during the past decade as it plays a major role in the health of patients. Recent legislation emphasizes that this concept should be incorporated into the approval process of new drugs and the continued conduct of post-marketing drug evaluation. The benefit-risk assessment should be considered by all healthcare professionals when they need to prescribe specific drugs to specific groups of patients. Therefore, more care should be given to some patients, such as pregnant women, children, and the elderly, as they are considered vulnerable populations. That’s the reason Medicea is the one-stop solution against all fake and counterfeit medicines that our country is battling.


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