Tell us about Mediimpact. Its vision and mission

Mediimpact Healthcare Private Limited is a Bangalore based Healthtech Company and creator of Medpass, India’s only Health mobile wallet app dedicated to usage across healthcare and wellness providers


Our objective is to enhance access to quality healthcare by providing the right information to users and make healthcare more affordable by incorporating appropriate financial incentives (Discounts/cash-backs, emergency medical loans).


Our vision is to significantly improve health outcomes for our customers and provide world-class cost-effective medical devices and services to providers.

What were the constraints you faced at the time of inception?

■ Getting the right co-branded wallet partner and also getting our project approval from RBI (Through our wallet partner) since this is a wallet program and includes public money transactions.

■ Getting initial funding from Angel investor on getting him convinced on Business plan and Product.

What unique services do you provide to the customers?

The uniqueness of our Product is customers will get cashback on each transaction on their healthcare spends including a hospital in-patient service.

Cashback/Discounts on every transaction including the Outpatient Service, Inpatient Service, Lab and Diagnostic service, Emergency Medical loans, Doctor to Door services, Doctor on Call services, Homecare services, Diagnostic services at the doorstep.

Why should one prefer you?

Because we ensure cashback on each transaction and most of our services to the doorstep and we have tie-ups with quality Healthcare providers to provide world-class services to our customers

Example- If a customer is paying Rs.1 Lakh towards hospital bill, he/she gets around Rs.6000/- to Rs.10000/-as cashback depending on the services availed and he/she continues to get cashback on the saved amount as well when they do the transaction again.

What personality traits and capabilities do you believe are required to enhance and promote health solution providing services?

As per me the person should aware or very well versed with Healthcare industry if not at least he should be aware of the current gaps and problems to address the large audience with the help of the technology.

Share about your journey from the beginning.

MEDIIMPACT HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED is a Bangalore-based company working towards excellence in Healthcare and believes in pursuing business through innovation and technology. Our team comes with several years of industry experience and comprises a highly motivated set of specialists.

■ Mediimpact is the creator of Medpass, India’s only Health mobile wallet app dedicated for usage across healthcare and wellness providers.

The beginning and the Milestones

■ The company started on-22nd June 2020

■ Achieved 1 Cr transaction before March 2021

■ Breakeven in May 2021

■ Saved around 35 Lakhs money to our customers

■ Processed more than 5 Cr transactions and around 40L revenue (Jan 21 to June 21)

■ Product launch-10th Dec 2020

How do you manage the promotion of your project through Social Media Outreach and email campaigns?

Online through Digital marketing, Such as Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, Bulk Email Marketing, Offline Marketing through Health free camps, paper inserts, Health talks to corporate companies, Cold calls through the contact center

What do you think about the expansion of Mediimpact? What will be the plan?

The company is in the process of expanding its business operations to other major cities in India. It has a presence in Bangalore and Mumbai, with plans to expand into other major Indian cities.

How do you see the future of healthcare in nearby times?

The future of healthcare lies in working hand-in-hand with technology and healthcare workers have to embrace emerging healthcare technologies

Can you describe emerging trends you noticed HEALTHCARE industry?

A. Digital healthcare

B. Telehealth and Digital marketing

C. Health data management

D. AI in Healthcare and IoT

E. Robotics

F. 3D Bio Printing

G. Nanomedicine.

Please tell us if there is an effective solution to the current COVID19 scenario?

Digital Health is the only solution to the Current COVID 19 scenario because it ensures you need not go outside for any healthcare services. Get vaccinated, use Masks, Wash your hands frequently, sanitize, maintain the distance and avoid going to crowded places.

Year of Founding 2020
Funding Information Angel funding
Founding Members 2
Office Locations: Bangalore, Mumbai, India
Company Strength: Experienced senior management team and excellent unique products
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