Medilatina Farma: Distributing Pharmaceuticals in India as well as Latin America


Medilatina Farma is a pharmaceutical company with operations in several Latin American countries. They have a professional vision, backed by the efforts of a hand-picked team of professionals, to provide a wide range of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and medical materials to help you continuously improve your processes while maintaining the highest quality standards. They specialize in the public and private sector commercialization of healthcare goods. They promote their products to various medical specialties across the country through their medical promotion team. Pragnesh Patel is the Business Development Director at Medilatina Farma.

Their Strategy

Their constitution dictated that they sustain ongoing growth, which they accomplished through infrastructure investments and the purchase of brands that currently make up the Group.

Their Infrastructure

Medilatina Farma has a strong presence in several Latin American countries. Their headquarters are in Peru, and they have offices in major regulatory agencies, allowing them to submit dossiers and receive registration permissions more quickly. Arequipa, Cusco, Huancayo, Trujillo, Piura, and Iquitos are among the provinces of Peru.

They have well-equipped warehouses with Good Storage Practices that have been approved by Digemid (Peru’s regulatory authority).

They have two temperature-controlled warehouses, one of 600 square meters and the other of 800 square meters. A 30 meter square cold chain storage room, as well as a storage facility for restricted pharmaceuticals, are available.

Their Vision

Their vision is to be the product leader in the relevant areas where they compete in a short period, based on the knowledge gained through more than 50 years of global development, taking the best of each step and exponentially progressing towards the company’s objectives.

Their Mission

They aspire to provide people with security and confidence in the realm of health care by delivering ethical products of outstanding quality, backed up by a relentless pursuit of organizational excellence. They will do it by providing the essential framework for their employees’ professional and personal development. As a result, they will ensure that each of the people engaged receives a fair and sufficient payment.

Their Values

They work around the following values for ensuring the delivery of quality products:

 Discipline

 Respect

 Integrity

 Quality

 Hard Work

 Perseverance

Distribution of medications

MEDILATINA is a pharmaceutical company that develops and sells medicines for a wide range of indications and ailments.

A MEDILATINA quality medication is the result of meticulous planning and the combined efforts of all members of our team, who govern their manufacturing processes according to the international code of “Current Good Manufacturing Practice,” whose goal is to achieve excellence as a quality standard in drug production.

They register and advertise these products in these nations using their equipment.

They have an office and a team in India that purchases pharmaceuticals, APIs, and excipients from India and Europe.


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