Medilife Health was founded in 2010 as a joint vision of aspiring individuals with over 26 years of expertise in the fields of marketing, sales, and supply chain management of injectable life-saving and large-volume parenterals. They have created a distinct niche in the highly regulated business spectrum as a result of their unwavering efforts over the past decade. They are a group of dedicated and forward-thinking pharmaceutical specialists who strive towards a better tomorrow of medical interventions and pharmaceutical remedies.

They provide doctors and patients with cost-effective and high-quality pharmaceutical solutions. They frequently go the extra mile to ensure top-notch products and solutions by developing the most effective ways and techniques for their development procedures. The following are extremely beneficial to them:

They make the most of technology and have access to a wide range of industrial solutions.

1. They have a production plant that is among the best in the industry.

2. They share a vision for a healthier, more affordable future.

3. They have decades of experience that no one else has.

Their Quality Policy

They have always been careful about the quality of the products and solutions they supply because they work in a very sensitive business segment. As a result, they have put in place some of the most extensive and complex quality systems and processes. It is this philosophy that allows them to quickly bring top-notch critical care and therapeutic goods to market at competitive pricing.

At Medilife, quality is more than a checkbox to check; it’s a mindset that pervades every activity, process, and transaction aimed at assisting doctors and patients. They have simple yet effective quality control formats and SOPs in place that encourage everyone in their firm to look for opportunities for continual improvement even when their solutions are working well and to contribute in any way possible.

Their Mission

Their mission is to use their extensive experience in the field of critical care and hospital care product development to create exemplary and value-adding products using top-notch and state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, and to reach doctors and patients across India through effective distribution channels and channel partners.

Their Vision

Their goal is to make their company one of the most well-known and well-respected in the industry, providing high-quality pharmaceutical solutions to end-users at reasonable prices.

Their Formulations and Features

Medilife is also a research-driven formulation company that produces high-quality complicated generics. Their efforts are concentrated on developing new drug delivery systems. They place a premium on high-quality manufacturing and adherence to regulatory guidelines, both of which are critical to their success.

Their formulations possess the following features:

1. Formulation and analytical method development labs are fully equipped.

2. R&D, pilot, and commercial operations have their facilities.

3. Tablets, capsules, ampoules, vials, and lyophilized vials are all possible products.

Research & Development

They are fully fortified to carry out significant research and development operations to invest more effective, economical, and fast-acting pharmaceutical and healthcare products as a responsible and futuristic pharmaceutical and healthcare products manufacturing company. They are dedicated to making the world a better place through our ongoing and coordinated work with some of the world’s most prestigious research and development firms.

Year of Establishment 2010
Founder(s) Dheeman Kumar
Industry Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
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