Meditech: EHRs to Simplify and Enhance Clinicians’ Interactions with Patients



MEDITECH creates EHRs to make physicians’ contact with patients easier and more efficient. Instead of obstructing human connection, they create tools that facilitate it.

A collaboration with MEDITECH might provide your company with new opportunities for transformative development.

Their goal is to be innovative.

MEDITECH aspires to contribute to a world where every patient has access to their medical records and can take an active role in their care. They believe that having rapid access to records, expertise, and data will enable healthcare organizations to serve their communities more quickly and safely.

To that aim, they are providing improved tools for safe and cost-effective care to healthcare companies large and small, including their scalable Cloud Platform, MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS), and key collaborations with Google and Apple. They’ll be ready for whatever comes next thanks to upcoming advancements in areas like mobility, genomics, and artificial intelligence.

Obtaining widespread recognition in the business.

KLAS named MEDITECH the top Acute Care EMR and Patient Accounting & Patient Management solution for community hospitals, as well as the top Home Health EHR for businesses with 1-200 average daily census, for the seventh year in a row in 2021. For big hospitals/IDNs and large ambulatory clinics, MEDITECH was likewise a high performer.

MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS)

MEDITECH’s MaaS is a cloud-hosted system with excellent physical and network security. They manage your EHR so that you may focus on your patients.

MaaS is preferred by healthcare companies for a variety of reasons, including:

 Simple subscription

 Minimal capital outlay

 Streamlined contracting

 MEDITECH cloud-hosted

 Focused implementation for an expedited go-LIVE

 System maintenance and network security handled by experts

 Fully interoperable and scalable

Their Expanse Virtual Assistant

Without having to type, point, click or even touch your smartphone, Expanse Virtual Assistant answers to simple voice instructions by retrieving the information you’re looking for. Clinicians may achieve new levels of efficiency and usefulness while focusing solely on their patients rather than their computer systems. Expanse Virtual Assistant is powered by the same cutting-edge artificial intelligence that drives your smartphone and other smart devices. As a result, it functions similarly to the personal gadgets you’re used to. The difference is that this virtual assistant has a medical degree — or at the very least, has received medical training. That’s because MEDITECH and Nuance have collaborated to create a system that includes healthcare terminology and expertise, ensuring that you’re not only heard but also understood. Expanse Virtual Assistant will change the way you utilize your EHR.

Doctors are well aware that gadgets such as keyboards, tablets, and cellphones may serve as breeding grounds for germs, and that viruses such as COVID-19 can live on surfaces for hours, if not days. Expanse Virtual Assistant eliminates the need to touch the equipment, reducing the danger of disease transmission and freeing physicians’ hands to conduct exams or operations.

Their touchless technology is not only quicker but also safer, which benefits both physicians and patients.

Industry Information Technology & Services
Company size 1,001-5,000 employees
Headquarters Westwood, MA
Type Privately Held
Founded 1969

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