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7. Meghavi Vyas, Founder- Mega Image Consulting- 10 Most Powerful Leaders of Successful Companies to Follow in 2022

Ms. Meghavi Vyas Image Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Founder at Mega Image Consulting. Ms. Meghavi Vyas, is a certified Image Consultant. She has done her international certification in same from Conselle Institute, Utah-USA. She has done her soft skill certification with an SQA accreditation, which is a Scottish vocational body. With a background as a civil engineer, she very well understands the systematic analysis of training programs to be conducted.

She has been awarded Asian Business Excellence Award by IeCM Malaysia as an enterprising entrepreneur from India. She has a series of talks on Image Management and soft skill complied and included as a part of an educational program by an MLM company. She also has written two books for the same company.

Their Services:

Mega Image Consulting would love to work with you on your Executive Presence. What you speak with your persona remains with people for a longer time. So let your executive presence speak for you.

  • Executive Presence
  • Personal Branding
  • Professional Image
  • Uniform design
  • Wardrobe Management
  • Corporate Training

Personal Brand is one of the best investments

Why do we say it is one of the best investments? I like to give you two reasons for that.

1. Once you are established as a Personal Brand, people are ready to pay a premium for your services/products. The return-on-investment increases for you. In less time and energy, you are making bigger profits, just because you established yourself as a brand. Now you can demand a premium and people will happily pay.

2. This is the era of networking. People believe in networking more than ever before. If you are a brand, people will put effort to network with you. You will be sought after. People will reach out to you instead of you running after people. Establish your brand and you will see the rewards with increased visibility over and beyond just your network.

Mega Image Consulting looks to niche down in Personal Branding and comes up with short programs, detailed programs, and individual services for people wanting to build themselves as a brand and not just remain a commodity. The strongest impressions are made in the shortest period. Mega Image Consulting assists professionals and students in putting their best foot forward. This helps them to be noticed first and remembered for a long.


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