Meraqi: Bespoke Solutions for Real Estate Owners and Investors


What is Meraqi?

Meraqi is a corporation that specializes in strategic real estate solutions. Property owners and investors can use their services to increase the value of their real estate assets. With the help of an expert team, they establish appropriate strategies, provide resources for execution, and track the implementation process throughout the lifecycle of the assignment. Their work ethos and investing philosophy are inspired by the word ‘Meraki,’ which means to do something with ‘soul, creativity, and love.’ They invest their hearts, minds, and love into finding the best investment for their clients. At MERAQI, the pursuit of excellence is a non-negotiable premise. This philosophy has been indoctrinated into their people, procedures, and practices.

Their way of life is inextricably linked to sincerity and integrity. Long-term client connections are something they strive towards. Their unwavering desire and cherished asset is client trust.

Gorakh Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director

He has 15 years of real estate investment and consulting expertise. His credentials include a B. Arch from RVCE in Bangalore and an M. Tech from IIT Delhi. He has provided consultancy services to over 50 companies and has completed investment transactions totaling over $100 million. He had worked at Vestian and UGL Equis before joining MERAQI.

Why choose Meraqi?

Expertise and people

They are a group that exemplifies the finest of global thinking and RE practices.


They have a unique approach. In the Indian setting, the process was developed and stabilized over several years.


They have a focussed approach to difficulties that are specific to the client company and section


To drive suggestions, you’ll need strong research and trend tracking/analysis skills. They are technically sound and work with the same principle.

Their Advisory Services

Real estate investment necessitates strategic and analytical decision-making to determine the maximum value propositions for any RE development projects in light of current market conditions. Their advisory services, which form the foundation of their consulting practice, give unique solutions to achieve prospective prospects through viable development projects.

Their team assists owners and investors by assessing the physical and financial feasibility of a real estate investment and ensuring a successful outcome by determining the proper development mix, disposal plans, performance indicators, alternative concepts, and techniques.

Valuation, Due Diligence & Building Audit Services

Regulatory compliance necessitates the use of an independent third-party opinion to determine the fair market value of all types of real estate assets. Meraqi provides valuation, technical due diligence, financial due diligence, project monitoring, and building audit services to prospective buyers, sellers, and financial institutions to mitigate the risk associated with the development by providing valuation, technical due diligence, financial due diligence, project monitoring, and building audit services by international standards, assisting Owners and Investors in making well-informed decisions.

Their Other Services include :

  • Transaction Services
  • Capital Market & Land Advisory
  • Private Real Estate Investment Platform
Industry Real Estate
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Type Privately Held
Founded 2017

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