At MHEGURU, they are a one-stop solution for MHE needs for your business. They aim to bring you the full range of MHE-related services (Purchasing, Operating, Storage, and Sales) in one place. To be able to experience the best (Reliable and Inexpensive) MHE services offered by their team of Experts. You will find their outstanding services with just a click, so it is easy for you to apply and be comfortable.

Provide Best Quality Services To MHE SECTOR.

A website available at “Domain” and operated by Accel Techinnova Pvt ltd. MHEGURU provides the Site, mobile applications, and the Services provided by the Site and/or Application which includes a standalone service developer platform to connect with potential customers in the MHE Division.

The Service Engineers acknowledge and agree that the Customer and MHEGURU spend most of their time, money, and resources on developing and maintaining their customer base, Intellectual Property, and other proprietary information. The Service Engineers acknowledge and agree that they have, will be able to, or may have, the technical, related, financial, and/or business information related to the Customer and MHEGURU and/or their clients that are not published or readily available to the public.

They connect companies with authorized service partners to promote high service satisfaction and improved productivity while delivering cost-effective solutions through technology-based solutions.

MHEGURU is more than just an MHE / Logistics service provider. With over 30 years of integrated transportation, technology, and finance experience, we are pioneers in solving In-plant logistics problems by innovating and applying transparent pricing principles, reliable service, and simplicity to get seamless customer information in one place.

Their support equipment management service applies to all industries such as fabric, metals, rubber, polyester, tires, FMCG, and more nationally. With over 30 years of integrated transport, technology, and financial experience, we are your trusted partners in solving MHE problems in a new way through transparent pricing principles, reliable service, and convenience all in one place.

Their One Purpose: To provide smart MHE solutions for your business and make your people make decisions through technology.

Services offered:

  1. Phone service: 24 x 7 All Support Service & MHE Model
  2. MHE On the Phone: Temporary hiring solution
  3. IoT – Telematic devices: Their IoT product provides complete Fleet management of your assets (i.e., MHE Fleet or logistic fleet) for real-time tracking and monitoring.
  4. Spaces & Accessories: A large network of backup vendors from all over the country to help you get the tools at the best price and fast delivery.
  5. Used MHE Sales: Sell ​​your used equipment and get the best deal
  6. Consultation Services: Their team of experts helps you design an MHE / warehouse solution with high utility resources.

Information Is Provided by Authorized Users

  • MHEGURU may collect Personal Information from Authorized Users, such as Authorized Username and Surname, Email and Postal Address, Telephone, Financial Information, and passwords when Authorized Users create an account to access our network (“Account”).
  • When Authorized Users Use the Services on their Website our payment processor will collect all the information required to complete the transaction, including the authorized User name, payment details, and direct deposit details. MHEGURU takes reasonable efforts to securely store the information of Authorized Users.
  • MHEGURU stores information on behalf of the Authorized User, such as files and messages stored by Authorized Users using the Authorized User Account.
  • Their services facilitate communication between the Service Developer and the customer. For the convenience of this service, MHEGURU receives call data, including the date and time of the call or SMS message, the phone numbers of the parties, and the content of the SMS message.
  • When Authorized Users provide feedback or contact us via email or SMS, MHEGURU will collect Authorized User names and email addresses or phone numbers, such as MHEGURU as any other content in an email or SMS message, send Users an Authorized response.
  • When Authorized Users participate in our online or offline surveys, MHEGURU may collect additional information provided intentionally by Authorized users.
  • When Authorized Users Post Messages on the Services or on the Social Network, where MHEGURU has a page or presence, the information contained by the Authorized Users who post may be republished on our Site and may be viewed by other users.

Why Choose Them?

Many businesses need to manage and maintain a wealth of assets that rely on critical management tools and systems. Management assets, in general, refer to equipment intended to move, control, protect, or store assets in warehouses and services through a variety of functions. This machine is used in many industries, making it very flexible.

As the profit margins of the construction industry shrink, saving money is important for transportation and production projects. Managing your equipment may be expensive at first, but it will save you a lot of money over time. Using such tools allows for efficient product delivery without reducing the budget or requiring more staff. Reducing the number of personnel needed to sort, ship, and manage products saves money and significantly reduces the time required for shipping.

If you want all these benefits to work for you in your career, contact experts at Ms. Guru. They are among the top companies in assembling your hosting plans, using experienced engineers, and acquiring new and used equipment to produce a custom-designed, cost-effective approach.


The purpose of MHE Guru is to provide state-of-the-art equipment management services and consultations to all parts of the industry that relieve them of the burden of caring for and repairing equipment.

Its vision is to be a market leader and one-stop solution for all MHE requirements that provide quality customer service and value addition to our OEM partners.


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