MiklensBio: A Pioneer in Agricultural Innovation & Sustainable Cultivation


What is Miklens Bio?

Miklens Bio Pvt. Ltd., founded in August 2016 and headquartered in Mumbai, is poised to become a leading name in agricultural innovation and a pioneer in sustainable cultivation. Miklens Bio creates solutions that increase agricultural productivity while also considering human health and environmental sustainability.

Miklens Bio has a clear mission: to aid in the solution of the world’s food security crisis and to give a safe and healthy alternative to farming. Miklens Bio has concentrated its efforts in this direction to produce realistic answers to these worldwide issues, and as a result, they are studying and creating products that aid in the abundant growth of crops and, as a result, benefit the environment. Miklens Bio is a firm believer in the principle of sustainable agriculture. Its technology promotes the concept of “naturally driven microbe farming,” to reduce reliance on hazardous chemical pesticides.

Their diverse product line is created using the most recent technological developments. Miklens Bio is committed to developing agricultural goods that are widely appreciated around the world.

The Need for Miklens

The agricultural community is already depressed due to the unpredictability of the monsoon and other environmental conditions. To make matters worse, they must deal with the negative effects of chemical pesticides and fertilizers not just on their soil and crops, but also on human health and the environment in general.

Miklens Bio leverages its biotechnology expertise to deliver successful solutions, enhancing the value proposition for farmers in terms of increased yields, enhanced crop quality, and, ultimately, increased profitability.

Miklens Bio’s research is focused on the microorganisms found in the environment, and as a result, the company has been successful in developing a specialized variety of bio-Agri inputs. Their products have been thoroughly tested to ensure increased harvests while also enhancing the quality of the land, soil, and general environment.

Benefits of their Products

• Increased yields

• Improved crop quality

• Increased revenue

• Residue-Free Cultivation

• Reduced health hazards

• Environmental protection

Milkpower – Their Plant Growth EnhancerMiklens Bio Pvt. Ltd.’s exclusive research product is an exceptional plant tonic derived through the fermentation method. It contains a variety of trace minerals, nutrients, and phytohormones that promote healthy vegetative growth and yield. Spraying must be done in conjunction with harvesting in multi-harvested crops.

Their Biofertilizers


Azotobacter chrococcum is a nitrogen-fixing bio-inoculant that can be used on any crop. Azotobacter is a nitrogen-fixing bacteria that live in the wild. It lives near plant roots and fixes atmospheric nitrogen into a form that plants can use. The liquid and powder versions of the product are available.


Azospirillum lipoferum is a nitrogen-fixing bio-inoculant that can be used on all crops except legumes. Azospirillum is a species of associative bacterium that lives at the root zone. It fixes atmospheric nitrogen, supplying 30 to 50 percent of the plant’s nitrogen requirements. Auxin and cytokinin are two plant growth hormones produced by Azospirillum. The liquid and powder versions of the product are available.


It contains Rhizobium sp., a bacterium that fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the root nodule of leguminous plants’ roots. They are symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria that develop nodules on host plants and are Gram-negative.

Punch – Biopesticide

It contains natural ingredients that cause Lepidopteran Pest resistance. It works well on a variety of crops under a variety of agroclimatic settings.

Santosh Nair, Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Santosh Nair holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Mumbai University. While earning his Master’s degree in Management from NMIMS, he chose Finance as his major, and he also possesses an Executive Degree in Finance from IIM-Ahmedabad. Mr. Santosh Nair has over two decades of banking and finance experience, having worked with companies such as Merrill Lynch and HDFC Bank.

Industry Biotechnology
Company size 11-50 employees
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Type Privately Held
Founded 2016
Website: http://www.miklensbio.com

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