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Our minds believe in making a difference by leveraging future technologies using our repertoire of skills to the fullest (Mind + Deft). Ever since our inception, our focus has been solely on providing comprehensive Blockchain and Enterprise solutions to all businesses who want to step ahead in this rat race. Our areas of expertise include the likes of Hyper Ledger, Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Enterprise Portals, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Machine Learning, to name just a few. The one thing that drives us is Innovation; understanding that it is the key to your company’s brighter future.

The Journey

Founded back in 2015, Minddeft came about by a bunch of like-minded individuals, who always place ‘customers’ at the forefront, realizing there was a gap in the market for fairly priced Blockchain services. Thanks to our vastly experienced team, technically astute managers and overall group dynamics, we have forged multiple effective solutions using Blockchain technology. Even though the tenure has been short, we’ve managed to build strong ties with US and UK based companies to expand their horizons and know-how. This is what puts us in good stead when it comes to serving your business in this dynamic market landscape.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: keeping customer satisfaction ahead of everything else, which is why our support team is at your disposal 24×7 no questions asked. And given we’re all fans of innovation and technology, our thirst to serve you with nothing but the best will never be quenched.”

What are our USP’s?

  • Researching Never Stops: We relentlessly invest our time in researching the newest Blockchain Tech. Being true technology geeks, we can’t help but spend days on the internet reading about new innovations and technologies, just so we can serve you better by staying updated with what’s hot in the international market.
  • Vast Experience + Optimized Skill set: Our team is full of vastly experienced professionals who have seen it all in this dynamic blockchain industry. This experience when coupled with astute technical know-how allows us to save both time and money for businesses we partner with; making sure that your end result and Blockchain product is never compromised.
  • Multi-Domain Expertise: Having been in the industry for a substantial period now, our team members have credible experience of tackling most of the popular domains like Supply Chain, Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, BFSI, etc.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Before everything else, our solutions and offerings are customer-centric. From delivering on time, to preparing a customized model for our client’s dynamic business needs, we do everything right to the T; ensuring maximum satisfaction and optimizing revenue..
  • Constant Support (24×7): Our work doesn’t just end with fantastic execution and delivery; we assist unconditionally post launch too, because we understand the dynamic nature of the business processes moving forward.

Minddeft Blockchain Offerings

  1. Security Token: Offering Security token offerings are the modern way of trustable fund-raising method which would replace the traditional IPO method.
  2. Blockchain Product: Development Blockchain integration, whether in the form of Blockchain UI, Blockchain Backend, Crypto Exchange, helps you instill trust in your users.
  3. Enterprise Blockchain: Development Enterprise Blockchains are permissioned systems where information is available and nodes are anonymous.
  4. Smart Contract: Auditing getting your smart contracts audited before launching a tokenized crowd funding campaign.
  5. Stablecoin: Development Stablecoin, by being pegged to other stable assets (like the US Dollar, metals, real estate, and other cryptocurrencies).
  6. Custom Blockchain: Development Our expertise in Blockchain and Blockchain-related products and services allow us to deliver the best products to you.

*Above profile is covered by: SwiftNLift Business Magazine

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