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 Integrated services, specialized in Real Estate Consulting

Mint Spaces is a full-service real estate consultant. We offer a wide range of services including landlord brokerage, commercial and retail leasing, tenant brokerage, commercial rental investment, and portfolio management services. As real estate consultants, we believe in advising our clients on the best prices and the best properties in a given small market.

Our business ideology is to act in the best interests of our customers and owners and to build a relationship of trust through our commitment and honesty, as well as our ethical behavior in our transactions.


Office leasing

 We believe that we offer the best possible options based on customers’ budget in the small market. The first shortlist of buildings from us will save a lot of time for our dear customers. We rent a variety of IT parks, business parks, independent buildings, and other office spaces, including business and leisure centers. We understand the client’s concerns to make the right decision, which is why our main focus is to minimize the risks and costs associated with renting an office space.

Retail leasing

The most important thing in retail rental is that the brand is in a location that can attract the most visitors to the store. With our comprehensive approach to exploring and selecting the best properties for our clients, we focus on identifying the option that best suits their needs.

Rental also plays an important role here, as profitability determines the presence of the brand in a given location.

We offer affordable rental services throughout Mumbai. Our goal is to provide our customers with an offer that meets their needs. With an extensive network of real estate offers in the city, we ensure that customer needs are met faster and better. 

Pre-leased Investments

 Pre-leased commercial real estate has become one of the most attractive investment opportunities in India over the last 5-7 years.

Today, UHNI, private equity funds, sovereign wealth funds, and entrepreneurs are actively involved in buying and selling pre-leased properties to raise excess capital due to the constant increase in the value of real estate capital. Especially in the period after demonetization, when the return on fixed-income products, such as government securities (G-sec), bonds, bank deposits indicates a declining trend; Pre-leased real estate is an attractive investment opportunity that can provide a strong return with capital appreciation. Investments in pre-leased commercial real estate are low to medium risk investments with debt-like returns at the time of holding the investment with the capital to return on these investments.

Tenant Representation

Whether you are considering entry in a new market, expanding in an established one, or planning a new store location; our professionals match each tenant’s business objectives with the optimal property solution.

Our Services include:

a) Strategic Planning

b) Site Selection & Acquisition

c) Site Disposition

Landlord Representation 

Our LR team works for owners and landlords and beyond to find and sign tenants. It forms the strategic backbone of the real estate sales cycle, which markets the property and guarantees the right tenants, and creates value to support the owner’s real estate goals.

Portfolio Management Services

We manage the company’s entire real estate portfolio as a natural person, where we can be a contact point for real estate activities. This service includes activities such as office rental, points of sale, purchase, and sale of real estate and advice, investment advice, and foreclosure/liquidation of pre-leased real estate.


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