Minus Zero

3. Gagandeep Reehal CEO CTO Minus Zero 10 Best Leaders in Automotive Industry 2022

Minus Zero is the first startup in India to manufacture fully autonomous vehicles. They recently became the first company in India to test a fully driverless prototype on unregulated Indian public roads. As the Internet continues to evolve with the introduction of Web3, they are pioneering AV 3.0, innovating closely at the intuitive intersection of cognitive AI, autonomy, and product engineering, and creating vehicles that address the autonomous vehicle problem statement. are bringing a revolutionary change in how it is perceived. Think just like the humans do, by making the best use of minimal data and calculations and making it more economical, more robust, and more comfortable.

Backed by India’s leading tech VC and Markey Engels, at Minus Zero, they’re building the world’s most human-like self-driving vehicle (yet safer than human drivers) that will connect us to everything we need. They care Mobility, as they see it, is on its way to rebuilding itself. It began as an off-shoot of a project undertaken to combat the increase in road accidents in the country. More than 80% of road accidents are due to human driver negligence. The time has come for the travel experience to become more rider-centric in a tough traffic environment like India and ultimately reduce the pressure on the driver.

Their state-of-the-art research and development in nature-inspired AI architecture are amazing with less reliance on previous training datasets, and being able to extract greater insights from limited inputs that will help build affordable and standalone AI-enabled solutions whose benefits are field-agnostic. They aspire to shape the next decade in the automotive sector with fully autonomous driving capabilities in electric vehicles.

Their Culture:

  • Off-Paper Research: Their research methods go beyond paper – they engineer their research rather than just publish it. Keep the idea in the wild, and it develops inside out.
  • Don’t Need a Ph.D.: Yes, it is the year “2020+x” and they realize that skill cannot be measured by an academic degree or work experience.
  • Innovation And Impact: They believe in out-of-the-box innovation, creating a future they all dream of in their dreams – sustainable, affordable, yet better than science fiction.
  • Made In India: Their country has the potential to become the pillar of the global economy. It needs more than self-reliance. They strive to put India on the world map – a new legacy for the future – for the world at large.
  • Imagine The Possibilities: They imagine the impossible and explore the possibilities. If it doesn’t exist, they can’t resist creating it. Even the greatest of all creations began with an “idea”.
  • Build Content: Their laboratories go far beyond simulation. They let people experience the future they are building.


They are a team of young and dynamic technologists and engineers who are focused on innovating in a quick time frame. They are making ‘stuff’. They can fail many times. But they improve themselves and get back to the ‘stuff’ again with a better attitude.

Coming from across the country from diverse domains including computer science, robotics, automobile engineering, finance, and management, they are united towards a common vision of building a sustainable future for humanity.

Website- https://minuszero.in/

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