Mirai Corporation

General Manager: Yash Joshi

What is Mirai?

Mirai Corporation is a modern-day trade firm that strives to give the highest level of service and quality products to our clients. Their company’s main business concept of delivering futuristic products and services to the globe is aligned with the Japanese word “Mirai,” which means “future.” With the in-house brand “TruSpice,” Mirai Corporation was founded by a group of young and creative entrepreneurs who wanted to bring the authentic flavor of Indian spices to the globe. TruSpice is inspired by Indian culture’s actual quality and virtues of spices.

They are wholesalers and retailers of high-quality, hand-picked spices from throughout India. They have a large network of business stakeholders that they have built over time based on trust, providing them an advantage over their competitors.

From the documentation until the distribution of the goods to their client, they offer fast and reliable service delivery. This is accomplished through a well-trained and devoted workforce capable of handling a wide range of business functions, including documentation, logistics, quality assurance, finance, import, and export. They also assist with the OEM of products made in GMP or ISO-certified facilities under your brand.

The Need for Mirai

Spices have always held a particular position in our cultures around the world. Spices have always played a role in defining one of culture’s most fundamental elements: food. Spices have been utilized as medicine since ancient times, in addition to being used in food.

India, the world’s largest producer of spices, has a lot to offer the rest of the globe. Mirai Corporation’s in-house brand, TruSpice, aspires to provide the authentic essence of our spices culture to every corner of the globe. Their products are hand-picked by a team of professionals from different parts of India. TruSpice has spices that will give your cuisine a delightful aroma, a unique color, and a mouthwatering flavor.

Their motto is “Quality First,” and they adhere to strict food manufacturing and handling safety regulations. GMP-certified state-of-the-art facilities are used to manufacture, process, and package their products.

Their range of spices

They offer a range of spices which includes:

 Chat Masala

 Chicken Masala

 Garam Masala

 Kashmiri Chilly Powder

 Mutton Masala

 Pav Bhaji Masala

 Sambhar Masala

 Turmeric Powder


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