Monkeypox arrival in India: Serum Institute to import vaccine


Monkeypox arrival in India: Serum Institute to import vaccine

India is seeing rising cases of Monkeypox in the last few days, amid this foreseeing emergency Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute plans on buying bulk orders of vaccines for Monkeypox. He is still in talks with Danish Firm Bavarian Nordic for this collaboration of imports of vaccines, both firms are talking about developing a messenger RNA (mRNA) for the vaccine.

Predictions from these talks have been made, that the vaccine for smallpox would arrive in India within three months. But there is also a vague assumption of frizzling out of this pox virus arrival in a short time, then the need for vaccine wouldn’t be that urgent.

If compared to Covid vaccines, then Monkeypox or smallpox vaccines are different from them, because they have many technological advances. Also, SII (Serum Institute of India) mentioned that if they will be provided with half the formation of the vaccine in case of an outbreak, they can complete it by themselves.  

The inability of SII itself to manufacture the vaccine is a lack of technological equipment and facilities. Certain containment facilities are required to store the monkeypox vaccine, which is not available in India. The institute CEO is keen on developing mRNA, in collaboration with other institutes internationally.

Unlike the pandemic of 2020, states and districts are prepared for this time. Delhi and Kerala are on alert, as the first cases of Monkeypox are seen in those states, other than that several states have announced regulations and preventions for public gatherings.

About SII-

Serum Institute of India is an Indian Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals company based in Pune. It is so far the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world. The institute was founded in 1966, and it is a part of the Cyrus Poonawalla Group. Its product line expanded to include different vaccines for bacteria and viruses. SII partnered with AstraZeneca, a British-Sweden multinational pharmaceutical, and Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, companies for Covid vaccines. It was also reported that the institute provided 10crore vaccines to India as well as other small countries.

What is Monkey Pox or Small Pox?

Monkeypox is created by the Monkeypox virus, it is a self-limiting disease that usually lasts for 2 to 4 weeks, with the exception of severe cases. It is contagious and could transmit if a person gets close to an infected person, animal, or a material that contains the virus.  Monkeypox symptoms are similar to that of smallpox, a contagious virus that was announced eradicated in 1980 worldwide. But if both are compared, Monkeypox is less contagious than Small Pox, and with the rare exception of severe illness, Monkeypox doesn’t generally cause severe illness. Major symptoms are fever, rash, and swollen lymph nodes, and in rare cases, there can be more symptoms that are diagnosed once medically treated. The first human Monkeypox was identified in 1970, and since then it has spread in so many other countries. In May 2022, Monkeypox has been identified in non-epidemic countries also. Preventions for Monkepox are very much similar to Covid virus, have minimum person to person contact and cover yourself properly while in public.  

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