Municipal Waste must be separated at the home level in Punjab and Haryana: the chairman of the CPCB

6.Municipal Waste must be separated at the home level in Punjab and Haryana The Chairman of the CPCB

In India, municipal solid waste is managed by the Municipal solid waste management rule, 2016. It applies to urban and local bodies. Solid waste is one of the crucial challenges to environmental protection in India. Improper management of solid waste may cause the spread of diseases.

Punjab and Haryana states have sped up the process of developing a roadmap for a pollution-free nation, but they are facing a problem with municipal solid waste management.

“The waste is segregated as day and wet at the home level, it would be easier for further management.”, CPCB chairman.

Himachal needed to take this up forcefully, as there was hardly any space in the hill state for landfills. In selling cleaner gasoline, Delhi had beaten the rest of the country.

NGT also warns the states of a proper municipal solid waste management system and also gave the suggestion for proper management.

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