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“Reliable partner to manage your properties in Pune”

“Mrs. Dipty Paranjape, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Cura Property Services”

Tell us about your life journey. What was your early career?

mycura services, Mrs. Dipty Paranjape spent much of her early life in Bangalore. Coming from a family with a defense background, traits of Self-discipline, punctuality, determination, and hard work were inculcated since childhood.

She completed her BBM and MBA in Marketing and HR from Bangalore. She interned at Companies like Britannia and IBM to gain and strengthen her skill sets.

After getting married to Mr. Anvay Paranjape, she moved to Seattle, USA. While in the US, she started a small venture in the food industry. She and her husband moved back to India for good after staying in Seattle for about 8 years.

How did you come up with the idea of establishing Cura Property Services? Which were the driving forces?

During their stay in Seattle, Dipty and Anvay faced a few challenging and difficult situations in respect of their multiple properties in Pune. Handling issues relating to their properties remotely was a hassle. At that time, there were no professional service providers who could manage their properties completely. Due to this hurdle, the thought of a professional property management company crossed their minds. The husband-wife duo then decided to come back to Pune, India, and start this venture. Cura Property Services is one of the first professional property management company providing unique services in Pune.

What were the hurdles faced by Cura while establishing the Company?

Setting up the company was not easy and there were quite a few challenges that Cura had to face.

1) Real Estate industry in itself being so unorganized it was challenging to exist as a professional service provider in a completely unprofessional sector.

2) As Property Management was a very novel concept, it took a while for Cura to gain the trust of property owners abroad.

3) In the absence of Social media and digital platforms at that time, it was challenging to reach out to the target clientele based out of India.

What kind of services does Cura Property serve to the customers?

Cura Property Services specializes in services like Property Management Service, Tenant Search Service, Complete Sales Service, Buying Service, Inspection Check Service, and Repairs and Restoration of the property.

Cura’s Property Management Service ranges from finding a suitable tenant for the property, assisting with legal compliances, completion of society formalities, ensuring timely transfer of rent and security deposits from tenants, handling rental issues and concerns from owners, assisting with payment of utility bills to handling tenant renewals.

The Tenant Search Service involves handling initial inquiries from the clients, advertising and marketing the property, showing properties to serious prospects, vetting serious inquiries, and finalizing tenants after negotiations

In the Inspection Check Service, Cura does a complete inspection of the property and provides the Owner with a condition report and pictures. This service also involves providing the best estimate for the work to be done.

How has technology helped Cura to deliver its services professionally?

Technology is replacing all the traditional practices and Cura is not lagging behind in this aspect as well. Cura constantly tries to imbibe all the technological advancements in its operations. Infusion of technology in a service industry like Real Estate offers enormous scope for reaching out to customers around the globe.

1. Cura has a dedicated website that provides all the information about its services wherein it gives its clients all the details required for a thorough understanding of all services to enable them to choose the best suitable option.

2. With the advent of technology, communication with clients has become easier and convenient as compared to the traditional face-to-face direct personal interactions that were essential for this industry. Cura provides constant support as and when required to its clients over emails and Whatsapp.

3. Promotional activities have also taken a big turn since online and digitalization of marketing of products/services through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn is now possible.

4. Cura has its own client portal wherein its clients have 24/7 access for viewing its statement of accounts giving them complete transparency.

In which areas Cura Property is currently active in operations?

Cura is currently active all over Pune. Cura initially had started with few areas in Pune, but gradually it now covers most of the properties in and around Pune.

What are your future goals? How & Where will you expand?

Cura’s future goals:

1. To be able to always focus on generating the maximum returns from the property for its clients by providing them excellent management services.

2. To carry on its legacy of providing trust and transparency in managing client properties.

3. To be a trusted leader in Real Estate Sector contributing towards a progressive India.

4. To expand its services to cover other locations in India such as Mumbai.

Year of Founding:2010
Founding Members:Anvay Paranjape and Dipty Paranjape
Office Locations:Baner – Pashan Link Road, Pashan, Pune
Company Strength:15 + contractors
Company Logo:

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