My Mind Matters: Constitution & Vision

My Mind Matters is anorganization which offers Psychological services including Coaching Workshops, Corporate Interventions and Counselling. People today are longing for a space where they can open up and talk about matters of their minds without being afraid that they may be judged or ridiculed. The vision of My Mind Matters is to provide to people such a world where you can be you

Why choose them?

They are very different from their contemporaries in many ways:

  • Dr. Aruna Kulkarni has been a practicing Psychologist for the last 30 yrs.
  • She provides core counseling services for all age groups along with all kinds of therapies such as REBT, NLP, PMR, Hypnotherapy and Deep Relaxation Therapy, etc.
  • The organization also provides consultancy services to the corporate sector for 20yrs and support the mental health and emotional well-being of the employees and improve their productivity.
  • They also have an expert sports psychologist and an Energy Healer with 32 yrs of experience in their team. He has helped many of their clients overcome chronic depression, mood disorders, and personality disorders, etc. without any allopathic medication. The entire team is highly qualified and highly experienced.
  • They work more at a preventive level rather than at a curative level.
  • The most important factor that distinguishes them from their contemporaries is the fact that they offer a special service. Many people regularly go to the body spa to rejuvenate themselves. But My Mind Matters offers a MIND SPA where people can come and relax and rejuvenate themselves. This is a service especially offered to the working class people.

Dr. Aruna Kulkarni: A Visionary

Dr. Aruna Kulkarni is a highly experienced Psychologist with a keen understanding of human behavior. She is a certified Golden Personality Type Profiler Trainer and an MBTI Trainer. She has also been certified as a Sandvik Global Leadership Program Trainer by Sandvik Stockholm, Sweden.

She has taken on several consulting assignments connected to Organizational Behavior and Development since she is passionate about helping people’s growth and capability development as well as working with organizations.

Her biggest struggle was to help people get over the stigma and apprehensions and seek help for issues related to mental health and emotional wellbeing. The next challenge for her was to find a peaceful location for her clinic where people could feel safe and experience tranquility. Her deep passion to understand human behavior and help people overcome their challenges and live a mentally and emotionally healthy and fulfilling life propelled her towards this field.

Modern Psychoanalytic Techniques: Drawbacks and Filling those gaps

Some of the modern therapies have a very directive approach and this may not provide the client the warmth, tenderness and care that the clients today yearn for. They also need a good listener to listen to them non-judgmentally, accept them unconditionally, and offer them complete positive regard. Dr. Aruna’s biggest offering to patients is to listen to them non-judgmentally and provide them the trust and confidence to open up and express themselves freely while feeling cared for. The staff at My Mind Matters provides both in-person as well as virtual counseling services.

Key Achievements

In terms of certifications, Dr. Aruna is a certified Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, MBTI practitioner, GPTP practitioner, and Leadership coach

She also has received rewards and recognition from Karam Foundation, Pune, Associations of Karnataka Engineers, and from Silicon India magazine, Bangalore for her exceptional service to the field of psychology and mental health.

My Mind Matters has international clients approaching them from the US, UK, Ireland, France, Germany and many other such countries.

Future Prospects

Their goal is to diversify into many other fields of Psychology such as Consumer Psychology, Military Psychology, and Forensic Psychology, etc. through their company.

Their Corporate Interventions

My Mind Matters offers Psychological counseling, psychometric testing, training, and development especially in the areas of stress management, emotional intelligence, improving team manager relationships, etc., running assessment centers, preparing an individual development plan for employees, help the organizations interview and select the right candidate and executive coaching.

Most importantly, they offer the MIND SPA for relaxation and rejuvenation, especially for the Corporate sector.

Year of Founding:2014
Funding information Self funded
Founding member  Dr. Aruna Kulkarni & Mr. Ravi Kulkarni
Office locations Erandwane, Pune and Aundh, Pune
Company Strength: 5 Members
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