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To enlighten the people generally with love, happiness and peace by the help of innovation and technology in order to inspire them with the love of our almighty creator.


To ensure the availability of the latest technology to everyone as early as possible To help people overcome the obstacles and difficulties which they face in their day-to-day life and during any emergencies

To inspire people with our beautiful universe and help them to become an overall superior human being


1. Inspire people in a positive way

2. Dissolve negativity in every way possible

3. Ensure the survival of all god’s creations

4. Choose courage, freedom & love over anything

5. Respect and behave responsibly to all Devine beings


Alcoholism is defined as the inability to regulate one’s drinking owing to a physical and emotional addiction to the substance. Repeated alcohol drinking, despite legal and health difficulties, is one of the symptoms. Those who suffer from alcoholism may start their days with a drink, feel terrible about their drinking, and want to cut down on their use.


The addictive characteristic of smoking is the root of smoking addiction. The release of neurotransmitters, which regulate behaviour and mood, is increased by smoking. It causes dopamine, a chemical that makes people feel good, to be released.Study shows that 10 percent of youth who become hooked on cigarettes are addicted within two days of first inhaling from a cigarette, and 25 percent are addicted within a month.


Porn addiction can be modeled pretty well by drug addiction since it acts directly on our dopaminergic system. Repeated PMO causes the addiction pathway to grow stronger and stronger until the brain is dependent on it for dopamine. Pathways in the brains reward circuitry which correspond to other normal activities stimulate a far weaker dopamine response compared to PMO so these pathways becomes desensitized and less active.


Because it affects our dopaminergic system directly, porn addiction is a good model for drug addiction.

Repeated PMO strengthens the addiction pathway, causing the brain to become reliant on it for dopamine.

Pathways in the brain’s reward system that relate to other typical activities generate a far weaker dopamine response than PMO, resulting in desensitisation and decreased activity.


The dopamine-inducing social contexts that social networking sites provide play a big role in the phenomenon of social media addiction.Studies have shown that the constant stream of retweets, likes, and shares from these sites have affected the brain’s reward area to trigger the same kind of chemical reaction as other drugs. In fact, neuroscientists have compared social media interaction to a syringe of dopamine being injected into the brain


Pregnancy is critical for any Divine being who is about to enter our wonderful world!

We take the time to meet the physical and mental requirements of both mother and baby so that you can welcome a healthy new life into the world!

During the pregnancy, we offer dietary counselling, mental health screenings, and behavioural counselling to help you start your journey to being a fantastic parent!


Our staff will stay in regular contact with you to give postpartum and newborn care support to ensure that you and your newborn baby receive the finest possible care!We provide Physical & mental checkups, assist with breastfeeding, and guide you on the Do’s and Don’ts to ensure that your baby grow in a responsible way !

You will receive periodic checkups & guidelines on each stage until your Newborn become a Toddler !

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Founded 2020
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