Mystical Productions Pvt Ltd

10. Madhur Jain, Co-Founder- Mystical Productions Pvt Ltd- The 10 Best Leaders in AR and VR Industry 2022

Founded in 2020, Mystical Productions Pvt Ltd is a new, but one of the fastest-growing software companies in India. They have a team of passionate innovators, designers, and developers that are fueling their rapid growth and helping them in creating the best digital products for their customers. Their team specializes in developing cutting-edge digital products across the globe. With experts who have been working in different domains such as web designing, Android, iOS applications, game design, and animation for over 10 years now, they have already completed many successful projects which include VR/AR games, Augmented Reality apps, and traditional video games for various platforms including PC/Console and Mobile phones (Android & iOS).

Their services:

  • Virtual Reality: When it comes to VR, they deliver top-notch solutions with cutting-edge VR tech, intuitive designs, and high performance.
  • Game Development: Give your users a comprehensive, highly interactive gaming experience with the latest tools in the market like Unity3D.
  • Digital Marketing: Enhance your digital presence on social media and search results to get more customers and amplify demands.
  • Augmented Reality: Showcase the value of your products and services with an amazing virtual experience, impress your clients and increase engagement using AR.
  • Web Development: Get extensively researched website and web app development services using the latest technologies like MEAN, MERN, Laravel, BootStrap, and much more.
  • Android Development: They develop mobile applications which can increase customer engagement and generate maximum ROI with maximum lead conversions.

Why choose them?

At Mystical Productions, they are keen to work with new-age technology to serve their customers with the latest tech stack. They focus on each client individually and make sure they stick with them for the long run. This is what makes them one of the top Software Development Companies in Ghaziabad.

Their team goes beyond limits to cater to creative services like AR/VR. They put the latest creatives, designs, and animations according to the product requirements

  • Their Expert Team
  • Creative approach
  • On-time delivery
  • 100 % transparency

Their mission is to maintain a constant learn and build approach. This will lead them to serve better and progress faster as the industry moves forward. As they say, the power brands to build big, they strengthen themselves in a well-cultivated manner to serve better. This helps them sustain relationships with their esteemed clients both before and after fulfilling their requirements.

Their vision is to make new heights in the field of AR VR development, app development, web development, and all their services. They know the path is a little topsy turvy, but they strive to stay long in the market. They are ready to upgrade themselves with the latest tech stack to serve their clients with current market standards.


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