Namo e-Waste

5. Akash Jain, Founder - Namo e-Waste - 10 Best Waste Management Companies in India 2022

Founded with an intention to make e-waste disposal sustainable & clean

Namo e-Waste was founded in 2014 to make e-waste disposal sustainable and clean across the country. To ensure accuracy, they conducted a 2-year feasibility study before founding and thereafter received their Recycling License in August, 18 months after setting up their plant and machinery. At Namo, they are committed to providing the ultimate electronics wastes and non-ferrous metals recycling solutions in India. They deliver a comprehensive integrated technology to deal with the hazardous ingredients that are present in their waste. With their proper dumping techniques and commitment towards nature and humankind, they look to challenge the improper and unorganized recycling channels present in India. They deal with all kinds of electronic scrap like Old PCs, Desktops, Printers, Telephones, Mobile Phones, etc.

Namo e-Waste provides comprehensive, effective, and responsible recycling services to get rid of electronic wastes. The Company has the finest technology available for the extraction of metals from e-waste and separating the hazardous content present from the waste. Their plants and machinery, authorized by the Central Pollution Control Board, make their facility one of the most sustainable in the country with zero-waste discharge technology.

Their services:

  • PRO Service for EPR: They at Namo are one of the first few organizations to provide Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) services to help these producers meet their EPR guidelines. In doing so, they aim to ensure that e-waste producers can ensure that waste products are collected from their customers and delivered to their facility for the responsible recycling and disposal of their products. To further ensure convenience, they provide the producer with the requisite recycling certification along with a set of compliance documents that adhere to government standards and guidelines.
  • Reverse Logistics: They have established a widespread presence across India to deliver a customized Reverse Logistics service that collects e-waste from the customer’s doorstep and transports it directly to their facility. They ensure this collection within 96 hours of scheduling the pick-up and ensure that both hazardous and non-hazardous e-waste is transported safely, securely, and responsibly, through their channels.
  • Data Destruction: A key concern when sending your devices for e-waste management is the security of the confidential data stored in the hard drives of your PCs, laptops, and servers. To prevent any breach of information, they provide an on-site 3X data destruction service at your doorstep. This ensures 100% data security. To ensure efficiency, they deploy a three-step data destruction process to prevent important data from leaving your premises.

They have made it their mission to ensure that at least 50% of e-waste produced in India is disposed of sustainably. To further commit to the same, Namo e-Waste is soon moving from providing their services to just producers to everyday consumers. In going B2C they want to expand the number of people we can help in disposing of e-waste.

To fulfill their commitment and mission to better the environment, they have designed a holistic start to finish process that will effectively ensure the collection, transportation, reuse, and recycling of your product. Upon scheduling the pick-up of your e-waste, their facilitators will collect and transport the waste to their R2 certified facilities. This reverse logistics process is managed by their fleet of vehicles and facilitated through their channel partners. In doing so, they can directly ensure the safe transport of both hazardous and non-hazardous e-waste to their facility.


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