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1. Dr ATHIF SHAH CEO Native Guru The 10 Best Leaders in ELearning Industry 2022

Visionary leadership for making the younger generation tech-ready

What were your thoughts while establishing native guru?

Native Guru is the brainchild of a man who had been slandered continuously by his own fellow relationships. When this was struck in his mind for prolonged years, there arises the establishment of Native  Guru. Affordable  Ethical and Simplified  Education patterns for all the roots of our country was the first and primary thought while establishing the native guru.

Initial Stage of  Native Guru

The initial stage of native guru is considered to be the most toughest part in the development of  Native Guru. We faced the problem of bringing our thoughts into reality.  Native Guru designs its education software which blends the future generative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), Motion capturing(MC)   for an effective learning, but embedding these technologies into our software remained a real challenge for us. Since we have already been working on Artificial Intelligence for the past 3 years in ABE  Semiconductor Designs(, we brought it successfully. These testing phases also taught us the real perceptions of current education systems which helps to fine-tune our product.

Courses and programs offered by Native Guru

Course bundles are offered in different modes :

  • Ethical Artificial Intelligence  Coding Skill Development  For Kids(First product )
  • Ethical Python Coding   for Children (Second Product)
  • AI Gaming Development  for Children(Third Product)
  • Multi-Linguistic Online tutoring App for Children(Fourth Product)

Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission are to take simplified education to the last man of society.


  • Affordable Education  to down roots of any country
  • Simplified and Moral Learning Systems for all  children across the globe
  • Converting the education the Entertainment Mode.
  • Blending the latest technologies for all effective learning


  • Converting the traditional Educational Mode into the Entertainment Learning mode
  • Taking the technical skill development  to all roots of our country
  • Connecting the best teachers to all deep-rooted parts of our country

To achieve our vision and mission, we are handpicking the homemakers from different parts of the country. We believe that the mother is the best teacher whom we are hiding in their respective homes. Hence we are creating the space for teacher amalgamated mothers to teach our kids with real care and affection.

 “Mother’s teaching is far better than the Traditional teaching by Graduates ”

Founding members:

Our team is a little bit surprising for everyone. Since Native Guru is founded for imparting education, the team consist of the teacher along with his student and friends. Founded by Dr.A.AthifShah(Founder/CEO, ABE Semiconductor Designs) and co-founded by his friend Dr.S.Prabhu(Co-Founder/CFO) and his student Mr.T.Vignesh Prabhu(Co-founder/CTO).  A blend of experienced teachers with their young students is the real strength of the team.

Other details :

Date of Establishment:Jan 21, 2021
Development  Centre-1TBI technology Business Incubator, Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode, Tamil Nadu, Erode.
 We have started our company at Tier-III village with the vision of creating more jobs in the rural parts of the country. Batlagundu is my birthplace and Kongu Engineering College (KEC) is the place of our graduation.
Our Founding MembersDr.A.ATHIFSHAH, Founder/CEO
Dr. S.Prabhu, Co-Founder/CFO
Mr. T.Vignesh Prabhu, Co-Founder/CTO

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