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14.Need for career counselling-Top 10 Promising Startups in Education Technology 2022

In today’s extremely tough competitive world people are continuously losing hope to survive on this planet, because of various reasons like large population, tough competitions, and various difficulties that children face. But gradually students are realizing that they need to pursue a career within which they’re hooked into. But really, most of the scholars are unable to spot this passion, and for that the foremost reliable thanks to determining their career passion. Counselling holds huge significance within the student’s life which might simply rotate the scenario the wrong way up for them.

Career counseling may be a way of engaging students about their careers. It helps students decide a way to study and what to review. Career Counselling advises students to not confuse about their decision. They bring maturity in students when deciding things. It brings out one’s interest to pursue their career and guides the scholar in their way. It didn’t get its recognition in the past. But now, parents and students know the importance of direction. And let their students attend counseling sessions. Students had also found their interest in attending career sessions.

As the greater number of scholars increases yearly, there’ll be more students who are confused about their career path and need career guidance. A student needs private guidance to seek out the most effective career suited to him. Right career guidance and counseling at the proper time can bring plenty of fortune for the individual. As per the recent survey, individuals who undergo counseling and guidance, tend to try and do better in life as compared to those who don’t. Career decision-making could be a continuous process. At every stage of the individuals’ life, career decision-making plays a vital role in determining the following stage of the career.

Who can get career counseling?

It is a myth that counsel is restricted to high school or college students only. The best thing about counseling is that it’s not just restricted to students. Even working professionals require counseling and guidance. Students from class 2nd to working professionals can utilize the utmost good thing about counseling. Students can get counseling to seek out which subject to settle on within the future.

Effective counseling and guidance are the necessity of the hour. Individuals spend the bulk of their time at the workplace. They spend 50% of their lifetime at the workplace. So, the proper career guidance at the proper time can play a life-changing decision in the students’ lives.

For this purpose, every school must have a career advisory/counselor team. The first responsibility of such a team should be to assist students to choose the acceptable subject at the high school level, comprehensively guide students on pursuing education in India or abroad and so sketch a career plan.

Importance of counsel and guidance?

• Career counseling helps scholars and professionals understand the career opportunities and options available.

• Career counseling helps them analyze their strengths and weaknesses and helps to find the proper career path.

• Career counseling isn’t only limited to finding the most effective career option, but career counselor also provides a close execution plan with complete career clarity.

• It will help in identifying the factors that influence career development.

• It will help in boosting the boldness and morale of the scholar and also the professional.


In today’s time especially like COVID pandemic, everyone seems to be getting affected day by day and in such a harsh time, a career counselor or a mentor can boost the boldness and that they also can help the person to adopt the most effective practices which might help a person to urge success in achieving their dream goal. Counsel is additionally important because counselors use various logical methods which may help students. Guidance is extremely beneficial to make the careers of scholars and it’s equally important within the education system still.

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