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“A research Centre designed for applied solar energy research which aims to undertake and promote projects for rural as well as urban areas of the country and Assam in particular.”

NERERL: Initiate all activities in the field of Non-conventional Energy Sources like Solar, Wind, Biomass, Microhydel and Municipal Solid Waste


The NORTH EAST RENEWABLE ENERGY RESEARCH LAB, situated in Jorhat, is a research centre dedicated to applied solar energy research, with the goal of implementing and promoting projects in rural and urban regions across the country, particularly in Assam. R&D activities will be focused on innovative ideas that will eventually lead to a solution for the adoption and usage of renewable energy, as well as the state’s long-term development.

We are pursuing a variety of R&D efforts in the sphere of renewable energy for upscaling and upliftment of the underserved. In order to increase the income of village farmers and reduce their reliance on power, NERERL has already implemented many projects in similar fields that are currently in various phases of implementation.

NERERL has developed a ground-breaking new strategy to provide inexpensive solar energy to the people of Assam and beyond. The early stages will focus on the development of localised villages, while the later stages will take advantage of state and national development to achieve the long-term aim.

North East Renewable Energy Research Lab is an R&D institute working under Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India, based out of Jorhat, India.


A leading solar energy research institute in the world, contributing to global sustainable development.


To initiate all activities in the field of Non-conventional Energy Sources like Solar, Wind, Biomass, Microhydel and Municipal Solid Waste etc. and thereby tap the potential to generate energy for various uses either industrial or domestic and specially for the rural, hilly and border areas not connected with the conventional grid. We have zeal to develop and commercialise solar technologies suited for urban and tropical applications, and support industry development and the energy transformation towards higher solar adoption.


Renewable energy sources and technologies have the potential to bring solutions to India’s and Assam’s long-standing energy concerns. Renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, small and mini hydro, and fuel cell technology can be employed to help India solve its energy shortage. India will require a secure supply of 3-4 times more energy than it consumes today in the next 10 to 15 years to meet the energy needs of such a rapidly rising economy. One of the choices for meeting this criterion is renewable energy.

In India, initiatives connected to research, development, demonstration, manufacture, and use of a variety of renewable energy technologies for use in various industries have been vigorously pursued during the last two and a half decades. It is believed that more attention should be placed in the R&D sector, where local meteorological conditions and the availability of local resources should be prioritised. The state must play a substantial role in closing this gap and promoting renewable energy research, with a focus on regionally appropriate renewable energy technology. As a result, NERERL, in collaboration with AEDA, will focus on the development of village areas through energy research and development.

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Er. Prakash Singh

Er. Prakash Singh is the Director of The North East Renewable Energy Research Lab, NERERL. Before taking over NERERL he was the CEO of Edupacked which is a platform for high achieving undergraduates from Indian Institutions to explore opportunities worldwide in the form of Overseas Internship.

Edupacked offered as many as 25 students with full fellowship in world class universities. Prakash Singh holds a B.Tech degree from National Institute of Technology, Silchar (NIT, Silchar) in Mechanical Engineering. His research focus is on photovoltaic materials, devices and modules. Prakash Singh has worked very closely with worldwide researchers and professors in similar field.

Prakash Singh aims to provide the real life solution for Clean Energy Future by implementing its r&d skills to improve the energy performance across the states of Assam where villages can mostly avail the benefits.


Regularly engages in outreach activities targeting non-scientific communities and schools to increase the awareness of solar energy research in Assam as well as India. Besides organising laboratory tours and talks NEREL also conducts awareness seminar in the field of Sustainable Development for world for the Engineering Undergrads as well as exploring the start-up opportunities in the field of Renewable Energy. Below is a small collection of photos from selected outreach activities organised by NERERL in 2019.

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