NL Healthcare: Medical Instruments and Equipments Supplying Platform


NL Healthcare and its foundation

Mr. Rajesh B. Lahoti is the founder and CEO of NL Healthcare, which he founded in 1995. They moved to their own office in 2000; before that, items were primarily carried from Mumbai. In 2005, Mr. Rajesh purchased a 250-square-foot store called Tirupati Surgicals. Their primary lines of operation are wholesale, rental, and retail. As time allowed, new items were offered. As the company grew, 12 workers, two tempos, and two managers were hired to help handle and manage the growing workload. Mr. Tushar S. Lahoti, an MBA graduate, joined the company in 2004. His presence had a significant impact on the growth of a business.

Mr. Tushar purchased a 1500 sq ft store to meet the rising demand for space. Although this duplication occurred, he did not find adequate time for himself – demonstrating the potential of the company. In 2010, they established a new company called “Doctor and Patient World Chinchwad.” This began in a 500-square-foot store 25 kilometers from Pune. Mr. Rajesh B. Lahoti, Mr. Tushar S. Lahoti, and Mr. Viresh K. Nyati have teamed together to make this happen. These three businesses have been operating effectively for the past few years.

3 leaders, 4 supervisors, and 25 laborers make up their manpower. In addition, they have 12 two-wheelers and five tempos in their fleet. With the aid of Alma Mater and Shiv Khera courses, the founders have incorporated technicality into their work processes which greatly enhanced the precision of the company. They have teamed up with another visionary leader, the “Nyati Group,” to take their business to the next level in Pune, and to launch their brand, “NL Healthcare.”

Their plans

With a paperless office, information should flow as effortlessly and swiftly as human cognition. They now want to expand to a corporate level, with processes that work for them in areas such as brand creation, brand equity, strategic design, and HR management. They ensure that all of their clients and staff, as well as the communities in which they operate and other organizations with whom they collaborate, receive value. For them, it’s the long-term aspect that’s crucial. They aim to increase earnings every year they bring technical expertise.

Their Quality Policy

NL Healthcare strives to bring value to its clients’ companies by offering equipment, accessories, and services that help them improve their efficiency and quality of operations.

The company and its founders unanimously live by the following values:s

  • To provide high-quality work and excellent service.
  • To ensure that all parties participating in their initiatives act with integrity, honesty, fairness, and cooperation.
  • To create connections with clients, tradespeople, and suppliers that are based on service and trust.
  • To look for ways for enhancement and innovation of their services.

Their range of products

    • Glucometer
    • BP Apparatus
    • Nebulizer
    • Pulse Oximeter
    • Rehabilitation
    • Commode
    • Body Supports
    • Digital Thermometers
    • Walking Aids
    • Diaper
    • Commode Wheelchairs
    • Folding Wheelchairs
    • Motorised Wheelchairs
    • ICU
    • Ventilator home use
    • Oxygen
    • Patient Monitor
    • Ventilator ICU
    • Oxygen Equipments
    • Hospital Furniture
    • Autoclaves Drums
    • Surgical Instruments
    • ECG Machines
    • X-Ray Film Viewer
    • Spirometer Digital
    • Hospital Bed
    • Electric Fowler Bed
    • Treadmills
    • Exercise Cycles
    • Diagnostic Cum Therapaetic Muscle Stimulator
    • Digital Ultrasound
    • Interferential Electro-Therapy Unit
    • Legs Beautician
    • Mini Muscle Stimulator
    • Theraband Black
    • Theraband Blue
    • Theraband Green
    • Theraband Red
Business type Partnership
Company CEO  Tushar Lahoti
Number of Employees 51 to 100

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