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NLP Centre for Excellence is founded with the aim of taking NLP to the masses and with the belief that we all deserve happiness. They believe that each of us deserves to know the ways to have control of our lives and be successful in every aspect. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the link between the neuro (how we think), linguistic (how we communicate), and programming (behavior patterns and emotions). It is a communication model which leads to a methodology of modeling top performers for achieving excellence. NLP is the key to understanding our emotions as well as handling them effectively, understanding the thought process which triggers behavior, understanding how can we change the beliefs that limit us from moving ahead in our lives, building empowering beliefs to help us succeed, building unconscious rapport with others, generate new successful behaviors, learn new techniques to accelerate our learning process, learn how to access the powers of our subconscious mind to unlock the secrets to our success. It teaches us to achieve our desired outcomes by taking appropriate and timely actions. NLP has a set of powerful strategies and techniques that help you develop the flexibility to adapt your thinking and behavior to understand what works for you as well as for others. It helps you to generate choices in every situation of your life.

NLP has a wide and varied range of applications. It is a behavior training program that results in personal as well as professional transformation. Hence, the training is useful for Homemakers, Students, Teachers, Parents, Doctors, Lawyers, HR professionals, Sales professionals, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Counsellors, Psychologists, CEO/Directors of companies, and so on.

Benefits of NLP Coaching / Training

  • A renewed sense of confidence
  • Instant, effective rapport with clients, family members, and friends
  • Identify sense of purpose in life
  • Set goals for your life and get clarity on achieving them
  • Do away with limiting beliefs
  • Create powerful empowering beliefs
  • Learn to deal with anxiety
  • Learn to resolve both external as well as internal conflicts in your personal as well as professional life
  • Improved public speaking skills
  • Improved decision-making skills
  • Learning a persuasive language to influence others
  • Identify the true meaning of what others want to communicate
  • Get rid of addictions like smoking, drinking, nail-biting, etc.
  • Acquire new behaviors that you like about others for yourself
  • Learn to deal with bad memories/phobias
  • Learn to decode the structure of excellence followed by successful people

Also, they have two assessments-

  1. Organizational assessments: Psychometric assessments measure a range of skills from cognitive abilities, knowledge to assessing your personality that is applicable for the various job profiles the individual might be suitable for. They have a list of a few assessments that are generally used by organizations for Recruitment, Training needs analysis, Promotions, Coaching / Mentoring of their team members. 
  • Educational assessments: This assessment is for choosing a suitable career at various stages of the educational journey. There are assessments for teachers and other support staff of educational institutions.

They believe that “As you set on this journey of self-exploration, you will learn more and more about yourself, and many more windows of opportunity open up for you as you go further and further into this journey making you more aware of how you can bring about a change not only in yourself but in others too and you start enjoying this journey even more.” They are here to help people develop, feel empowered, and enable them to manage themselves.


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