Now & Me Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.: A Platform for Free Expression of Emotions


“If you need someone to talk to, you’re at the right place.”

Bani Singh, Co-Founder

Now&Me is a secure place for people from all walks of life to take their “first step” toward accepting and discussing their feelings.

Now & Me Helps you Express

• Expression of thoughts and feelings can help you:

• Learn how to control and manage your emotions.

• In your relationships, communicate effectively.

• Feel less detached and more connected to others.

• Obtain emotional equilibrium

• Gain a higher level of acceptability

Some of the specific areas they address

If you identify with any of the emotions listed below, Now&Me is for you:

• Your boyfriend’s breakup has caused you a lot of pain.

• Insecurity as a result of others constantly making fun of your appearance

• Despite being surrounded by people, loneliness

• Others manipulate you because their needs always come first.

• You have low self-esteem because you don’t feel like you belong anywhere.

• A sense of hopelessness stemming from the fact that life appears to be pointless.


Their vision is to make the internet a kinder place – free of stigma & judgment.

Their Mission

Their long-term goal is to make mental health a priority for all people by creating solutions that make it easier to get help and raise awareness. It shouldn’t be a privilege reserved for a select few to be able to speak with someone who genuinely cares, listens, and understands. To get through challenging situations, we all need a support system because life can be full of obstacles, and we may feel like giving up at times. Now&Me promises to come up with some fantastic ideas for you. They give off only the best and most positive vibes, full of warmth, embraces, and everything nice.

Their Community Guidelines

You must follow their Code of Conduct and vow to be a good member of the Now&Me community. Now&Me provides a safe environment for people to express their emotions. They have no restrictions on what you can share, but they do have some community norms that must be followed.

1. Posting:

– Promotional posts should be avoided.

Now&Me is a secure place to express yourself and chat about problems. Posts that are promotional in any way are not permitted. Your post will not be approved if it is primarily intended to promote a brand or a person. If you’re looking for a career or an investment, make use of the various business websites.

Do not send unsolicited content, links, offers, or promotions to other people’s posts or comment threads. Now&Me does not tolerate any information that is deceptive or false advertising (e.g. scams and spam). Accounts that impersonate or purport to be a corporation, organization, public figure, or private individual are likewise prohibited.

– Don’t give out any personal information.

Respect the privacy of people by avoiding disclosing personal information about them. It is permissible to use the first name; however, do not disclose last names, emails, addresses, or any other contact information for anyone. Do not dox somebody or post any personally identifiable information that could be used against them.

– When discussing triggering issues/events, please use the posting’Trigger Warning’ checkbox.

Ask yourself, “Would reading this makes me feel troubled or re-think possibly disturbing situations that I would not want to revisit?” If the answer is yes, you should add a Trigger Warning. Anything that has to do with contemplating Self-Harm, attempting Self-Harm, actually Self-Harming, or discussing a Past Attempt is a trigger.

– A little kindness can go a long way. Play friendly with each other.

Please make sure that your content does not offend anyone’s religious, political, or ethnic sentiments. In addition, the content should not incite violence.

– Be empathic

Empathy entails putting yourself in the shoes of another individual. It’s crucial because it allows you to understand how people are feeling so you can respond correctly. At Now&Me, we place great importance on empathy. When answering, be empathetic; it takes a lot of guts to express how you feel.

– Don’t broach the subject of politics or religion.

Please do not post any messages that are religious, political, sexist, ethnically or racially offensive, or vulgar.

2. They are concerned

– They are concerned about your privacy.

They guarantee that your information is safe with them and that they will not share it with anybody else. Your email address, which you provided upon registration, is not shared with anyone else. You can put your trust in them with your personal information and emotions.

– There will be no spam.

– They guarantee that they will not overburden your inbox with unwanted emails.

3. Copyright/Plagiarism

Make sure your work is original. Please don’t claim credit for someone else’s work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Uploading content that is forbidden or illegal in any way is prohibited. This encompasses drug usage, bestiality, and terrorism, among other things. If they catch you doing it, they’ll cancel your account and take appropriate action, which could include reporting you to the authorities.

4. Safety

They urge you to be safe in the wake of the following issues:

– Bullying and Harassment

– Threats

– Sexual Harassment

– Self-Harm

– Hate Speech

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