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Plastic has changed human life and made it simple in many terms. It was the time when plastic replaced almost every metal and wood material in every industry. Later, it replaced cotton and jute bags by polythene bags which were very useful to carry and light in weight. It went on development and the production cost got reduced which resulted in low cost selling and purchasing.

Slowly it gained the world market and plastic bags were in use from vegetable stores, .fish & meat market, to food packaging industry. As of now, every processed food item we purchase are packed or wrapped in plastic.

What is O2 Bio Bags?

O2 Bio Bags came up with the solution for polythene bags to stop the use of plastic bags which ends up in the landfills near our home. There was a time when government was searching for the solution to reduce the plastic waste. Then the tough decision was taken to ban single use plastic and plastic bags which cannot be recycled. Some states completely banned single use plastic some states did it partially.

Now it was the time to find the replacement for that single use plastic. Then came the idea of bio-bags or we can also call it as decomposing/degradable bags. But it had limited studies and was not picked at large scale. Later, the cotton or fabric bags which are reusable and last long. Even jute bags are available as replacement to plastic bags.

Mission of O2 Bio Bags

Manufacturing and Distribution of Fabric Carry Bags with help of Corporates to restrict usage of Plastic bags.

Vision of O2 Bio Bags

Nation-Building by strengthening our Economy having Goals of Sustainable Development & Inclusive Growth by setting up Environment friendly Product based Business Models so that employment can be generate which eventually create domestic demand.

Products in Portfolio

O2 Bio Bags currently sells Jute-cotton bags which are of good quality and company claims can be used for at least one year without any issue. They are planning to come up with new products as soon as possible.

Website: https://o2b2.in/

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