Ola Electric Scooters High on demand


Ola Electric Scooters High on Demand

Ola Electric launched their first electric scooter in Indian market on the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day. This gained attention of many, as it was supposed to deliver a whooping range of more than 200+kms on a single charge. As per expectations Ola Scooters were launched at the maximum range of 180kms on a single charge, it was not the exact range predicted by the market but it was close to it. Later the features grabbed everyone’s attention as those were one of a kind in two wheel market segment in India. Let’s find out why Ola electric scooters are creating the heat in electric two wheel market segment.

Scooters in Portfolio

Ola has two electric scooters to offer in their initial phase which are S1 & S1 Pro. Both the scooters have the same design and some common features. If we talk about those features then we must start with its key less entry. Traditional petrol scooters need key to initiate engine, but in Ola scooters we can start it with our mobile phone, through profile identification sensors and from the scooter screen itself. Many more features had been introduced to these electric scooters which were not expected sooner in India.

Let’s talk about Features

S1 is the base model which comes with 121kms of range on a single charge and a price tag of Rs. 99,999* (ex-showroom price). It comes in five varieties of colours which are Red, Yellow, Jet Black, White, and Neo Mint. It has two driving modes normal and sports, out of which we could achieve the top speed of 90kmph. It has 2.98kwh of battery pack which can be charged in 4 hours 48 minutes at home with 750 watt home charger.
S1 Pro is the current premium model from Ola electric as it has some of the unique features in Indian two wheel market. It gets a massive battery pack of 3.97kwh which will deliver the range of 181kms on a single charge as per ideal driving conditions (these driving conditions are being tested by the company on multiple roads). It has three driving modes normal, sports, and hyper, and could achieve the top speed up to 115kmph (which is the highest speed claimed in Indian two wheel market segment); it goes 0 – 40kmph in just 3.00 seconds. S1 Pro takes 6.5 hours to get fully charged from the 750 watt home charger. The most unique feature of this scooter is that it has Cruise mode which can drive you at the maximum speed of 40kmph. It is the only two wheeler in the Indian market which is combined with cruise mode. Cruise mode will be a game changer for Ola electric as no one has experienced this feature in two wheelers. S1 Pro is priced at Rs. 1,29,999*. S1 Pro will be available in 10 stunning colours; Red, Yellow, Jet Black, White, Neo Mint, Liquid Silver, Millenial Pink, Anthrecite Grey, Midnight Blue, and Matte Black.
Both scooters have front 220mm and rear 180mm disc break with standard CBS which could cut of the speed instantly. At the front we have telescopic suspension and Mono-shock suspension at the rear. The motor is also the biggest in the size as it delivers the peak power of 8.5kw with 58NM peak torque. S1 is built on a tubular frame with the curved battery pack mounted under the floorboard. Honestly speaking, 165mm ground clearance is fair enough for Indian roads. The e-scooter rolls out with 12 inch alloy wheels wrapped with tubeless tires on both ends. The e-scooter has the kerb weight of 121kg and 125kg respectively, which is slightly heavy compared to its competition.

Fast Charging Network

Ola has assured that they will setup 100k+ (more than 1,00,000) charging points in 400 cities across India which will boost the e-scooter’s battery up to 75kms in just 18 minutes of time period. Ola calls this charging network as “Ola Hypercharger Network”. It will definitely remove the range anxiety which has been since the introduction of electric vehicles. These chargers are expected to be available in the major cities of India which has the highest demand of electric scooters and bikes.

When to expect these scooters on road?

Ola began its reservation in the August month which received more than 100k (1, 00,000+) in just 24 hours. Later the scooters were to be pre-booked on 8 September 2021. But due to some technical issues date was postponed to 15 September 2021. Pre-booking was prioritized to the customers who reserved earlier. The company opened the pre-booking process on the Ola app on September 15, prioritizing customers based on the reservation dates. Customers had to make Rs. 20,000 advance payment, with deliveries beginning in the month of October.

Government Subsidies

Both scooters are eligible for FAME II subsidy which is allotted by the Central government. This subsidy will be included in the given selling price. But that’s not all. Ola scooters are also eligible for state subsidies which are given by state like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Delhi. These subsidies will be deducted at the time of purchase.
That is all we know till date. As soon as the scooters are available to the customers, the real world performance can be experienced. Everyone is expecting a lot from these e-scooters as it has the potential to fulfill the customer’s demand.

Record Pre-Bookings

Ola electric sold scooters worth Rs. 1,100 crore in just two days of span after its pre-booking initiated on September 15. This information was posted by the CEO Bhavish Aggarwal in a BlogSpot on Friday September 17. He wrote “This is unprecedented not just in the automotive industry but it is one of the highest sales in a day for a single product in Indian e-commerce history! We truly are living in a digital India”.
On Thursday September 16 Mr. Bhavish said Ola had achieved the sales of Rs. 600 crore in the first 24 hours, claiming this figure as surpassed what the entire two-wheeler industry sells in a day.
Now Ola has a plan to re-open the sales window on November 1 at the time of Diwali festival. It is expected to be again a massive hike in the number of pre-bookings for Ola scooters if these are delivered on the time mentioned.

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